Flying from Ft Collins, Colorado

Meet our pilot. These are our friends that got us the work/camp for the National Forest in Sabino Canyon. We visited them in Ft Collins and decided to take to the air. What a treat!
Longs Peak overlooking the valley.
It is getting smaller and more of the city is visible. Also a touch of Horsetooth Reservoir.
A lot of snow last week as we head towards Curt Gowdy State Park, Wyoming.
Isn’t it beautiful?!
Going over Red Mountain area – looking like a Topo map with the snow outlining the contours.
But you can see the red below the snow and the Cache la Poudre River in the valley.
Well these are just plain fun images of the snow patterns.
Of about 50 photos, these are the best.
I am not quite sure what I am looking at!
But very interesting patterns. A very pleasant ride over the terrain.


Hiking the Lakes at Grand Teton NP

15-09 Grand Teton NP -111 - Taggart & Bradley Lakes
The hike to Taggart Lake – Friday afternoon after cheering up Jim in the morning – was short by all the previous hikes. We were not very energetic but it felt good to have a destination on what felt like a beautiful summer day.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -105 - Taggart & Bradley Lakes
The high temp today was 84 degrees with those fluffy summer clouds really fun to laze around and watch.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -107 - Taggart & Bradley Lakes
We continued on the trail to Bradley Lake which looked the same but different. There was only one other quiet couple sharing this lake with us.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -102 - Henry Menors Ferry Snake River
Earlier at Snake River by the Menors Ferry for lunch rock.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -112 - Proghorn Antelope Flats
A pronghorn in Antelope Flats. Apparently there have never been antelope in N. America so this valley was mis-named and should have been called Pronghorn Flats. We came here in the morning for coffee and breakfast – we saw a herd of buffalo through the binoculars as well as a few deer.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -119 - Moonrise Mormon Row
Full moon rising at Mormon Row – the barn is being re-roofed so we looked for other creative shots that Ansel Adams would have appreciated.. The moon has been so bright this week – it has been shining on us like a friend.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -115 - Henry Jackson, WY
Saturday we spent the day in Jackson, WY.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -120 - Sunrise Grand Teton
Sunday morning we woke to much weather personality and wondered if our luck had run out. This is the sunrise view from the car as we enjoyed our coffee and breakfast.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -121 - Moose Visitor Center
We saw this Moose a lot at the Moose Visitor Center. The weather forecast didn’t seem too bad – and we had Joan’s dinner to look forward to –  their company and the lunar eclipse –  so decided that of course we would stay!
15-09 Grand Teton NP -130 - String Lake
We started hiking String Lake at the String Lake Picnic Area. It was calm and nicely a bit cooler as we were tiring of the hot days. Incredible reflections.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -122 - Leigh Lake
String Lake in Autumn splendor.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -129 - Pam Leigh Lake
We went on to Leigh lake and enjoyed the tranquility of having the entire lake to ourselves!
15-09 Grand Teton NP -128 - Henry Leigh Lake
It was mostly cloudy with some sunshine – quick take the picture – and some very gentle rain drops to keep a quiet serenity around us.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -132 - String Lake
Kayakers adding a new dimension to the shadows of the reflections of String Lake.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -135 - Full Moon Setting Antelope Flats
We watched the super moon lunar eclipse Sunday night peak in and out of clouds, while comfortably appointed in J&J’s RV with an amazing cordon bleu variation for dinner. This was the moon on our early morning departure the next morning – our lasting memory of our experience in the Tetons.

Two Ocean Lake Hike and Antelope Flats – Grand Teton NP

15-09 Grand Teton NP -081 - Two Ocean Lake
The Grand View overlook of Two Ocean Lake – scouting out the hike ahead of us. Joan and I hiked to this point while the guys shuttled the cars so that we could turn a leisurely 8 mile hike into an 11 mile excursion. Good thing we all have strong hiking legs!
15-09 Grand Teton NP -082 - Two Ocean Lake
The aspen were really in their prime and we felt so lucky to be here on this peak day. The temperature also peaked to 80 degrees making the afternoon evergreen hike pleasurable as well.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -084 - Pam, Henry Two Ocean Lake
Beautiful scenery!
15-09 Grand Teton NP -091 - Henry Cunnighan Cabin
A hiking day off on Thursday gave us time to explore some of the historic sites.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -095 - Cunnighan Cabin
So would you homestead here! What a view – how could you get any work done?
15-09 Grand Teton NP -094 - Pam Cunnighan Cabin
The cabin is really nicely constructed. and we were liking the sod roof.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -097 - Henry Mini 75,000 Miles
MINI just drove us 75,000 miles in the past 10.5 years. New tires to celebrate this trip. And Pam was driving!
15-09 Grand Teton NP -098 - Jim Atherton Creek CG
We set up camp near the Atherton Creek Slide in Bridger-Teton National Forest. Our mountain biking friend was checking out the area too so we had lunch together in the shade of these aspens. The afternoon ride home did not go well for Jim when an SUV pulled out in front of him. Horrible! He suffered a broken pelvis which needed quite a few pain meds and time to heal. We were planning dinner together at Chef Joan’s in the RV the next night so we were able to assist a bit in the recovery.

Here is J & J’s blog entry

15-09 Grand Teton NP -099 - Murie Ranch Porch Talk
Happy Fall Equinox! We went to Mardy’s Front Porch Conversations at the Murie Center. They had a community evening with engaging conversations led by author Fred Swanson on Olaus Murie and The American Wilderness. Is there enough wilderness? Is technology a useful tool? Should there be pullouts along the road for tourists passing through? We enjoyed some wine, cheese, crackers and Mardy’s favorite cookie recipe with locals as well as other travelers. We were missing have J & J there and worried a bit about how they were faring.

Hiking L. S. Rockefeller Preserve and Jenny Lake – Grand Teton NP

15-09 Grand Teton NP -033 - Joan, Jim Phelps Lake
The four of us joined a ranger at the preserve for the last morning 1.5 mile hike to Phelps Lake (that took over 2 hours!) where we learned about different types of survival.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -031 - Pam L Rockefeller Preserve Ranger Stand
This area had been closed last week due to bear activity so we saw fresh claw marks and scat.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -035 - Henry Phelps Lake
Phelps Lake with our navigator eating lunch and trying to decide if we can survive the 4 mile hike around the lake – for a 7 mile total day.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -040 - Pam, Henry L Rockefeller Preserve
We did survive! The ranger gave Joan and I junior ranger book after she snapped this photo…
15-09 Grand Teton NP -050 -Henry, Jim, Joan Jenny Lake
We met Tuesday morning at the String Lake trail head to do the “required” hike around Jenny Lake to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. The weather is great and it is so picturesque!
15-09 Grand Teton NP -054 - Jenny Lake
Really a beautiful morning and not many other hikers on this first section of the trail.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -058 - Jim, Joan, Henry Hidden Falls Jenny Lake
A lot of people watching at the falls! The falls are nice and morning was a good time to be there.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -063 - Inspiration Point Jenny Lake
Henry got inspired at Inspiration Point to take some artistic photos of Jenny Lake. The point looks east so not sure it was all that inspirational even tho we are glad the Hole (valley) is preserved and not filled with development. Really too many people on this hike to be enjoyable and therefore not one of our favorites.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -064 - Pam, Joan Jr Rangers
High Five a fellow Junior Ranger! We are over age 11 so we qualified to get a badge or patch after completing our booklets and making a pledge with a ranger. Certifiably fun 😉

Here is a link to J & J’s blog for more photos of our fun together:

Spaulding Bay Campsite on Lake Jackson – Grand Teton NP

15-09 Grand Teton NP -075 - Sunrise Spalding Bay Camp
Our second campsite was three nights here – across the bay from the other campsite. The view is looking east for some more spectacular – tho completely different sunrises.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -079 - Henry Dinner Spalding Bay Camp
We are tucked amongst the trees on a bluff above the lake. Chef is starting to prepare dinner.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -074 - Sunrise Spalding Bay Camp
View of sunrise from the site – better hurry with that coffee!
15-09 Grand Teton NP -076 - Pam Coffee Sunrise Spalding Bay Camp
Enjoying coffee on the beach with the first rays of sunshine. There was a duck (merganser?) that frequented this bay, sometimes with a friend, that we enjoyed watching dip and feed back and forth.

Grand Teton National Park

15-09 Grand Teton NP -022 - Hermitage Point
What a gorgeous day! We delayed our arrival by 3 days due to weather but were rewarded with these beautiful snow capped peaks and still winds for incredible reflections. Wow! Tetons from Hermitage Point over Lake Jackson
15-09 Grand Teton NP -002 - Willow Flats Overlook Pam and Henry
Fall color is in full swing. Taken from Willow Flats Overlook early morning.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -021 - Joan, Jim, Henry Hermitage Point Trail
We met up with a couple who are full time RVers that we had met last year at Dinosaur National Park. The Hermitage Point hike from the Colter Bay Visitor Center is where we rendezvous’d with Joan and Jim for our first of many events together.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -025 - Hermitage Point
Snag frames Swan Pond on the hike towards Hermitage Point. Saw some beaver activity but no swans and no beavers – just Canada Geese.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -029 - Jim, Joan, Henry Swan Lake Hermitage Point
Three ants on a log 😉
15-09 Grand Teton NP -090 - Oxbow Bend Snake River
But to see and hear the Canada Geese in such a pretty spot is memorable: Oxbow Bend of the snake River another morning.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -089 - Oxbow Bend Snake River
All the ducks and geese are hanging out in the reflection of the aspens at oxbow Bend Overlook. I would prefer to be where I could see magnificent Mt Moran!

Camping at South Landing on Jackson Bay – Grand Teton NP

15-09 Grand Teton NP -008 - S Landing Camp Sunrise
We arrived at the Moose visitor Center at 3:00 and were able to get a back country permit for 3 nights at this site. It is a half mile walk in spot on a private cove – we had a gorgeous sunset and clear star gazing with the milky way before the moon rose.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -006 - Pam Dinner S Landing
Cooking dinner on the beach…we are “loaded for bear” : the bear spray is by our side with all the other food items safely stowed in the bear box.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -043 - Owl Lake Jackson Lodge
We heard an owl who-whoing when we got into the tent – such a sound of wilderness. It was a treat. We could also hear the elk bugling somewhere not too far way. We saw this owl at Jackson Lake Lodge and heard about some of its lifestyle.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -011 - S Landing Camp Sunrise
We went on the ridge above the beach for sunrise – incredible first morning inversion with the remains of the storm clouds. Life is good!
15-09 Grand Teton NP -013 - Henry S Landing Camp Coffee
Boiling water for coffee is a morning priority. We also bring all the breakfast paraphernalia so we can have a good hour enjoying the morning sunrise.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -004 - Jackson Lake Panaroma
The sun still hasn’t hit our point but the rest of the bay is in full sunshine. What a great show! This is a panorama stitched together to show more of our 180 degree view.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -005 - Henry Wine O'Clock S Landing Trail Head
Wine-o’clock break before a Saturday night ranger talk at Signal Mountain on the archaeological history of the area.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -019 - S Landing Camp Sunrise
Our second night and morning we shared the bay with this boat. Taken just after sunrise as they sailed on their way. Imagine spending the day on the lake absorbing Mt Moran!

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, Utah

14-09 Wyoming-Colo -059 Flaming Gorge
Dowd Mt Overlook and Picnic area was the perfect spot. We absorbed the view during wine o’clock, fixing dinner and lingering until the stars came out. We set up a dispersed camp a 1/4-mile or so away.
14-09 Wyoming-Colo -056 Flaming Gorge
The panorama on a clear wind free day.
14-09 Wyoming-Colo -055 Flaming Gorge
Great color and reflections!
14-09 Wyoming-Colo -049 Flaming Gorge
We saw sheep in Sheep Creek Canyon area and asked this one to pose for us.
14-09 Wyoming-Colo -048 Flaming Gorge
We strolled around this pond on the way to the Flaming Gorge Dam. Fall colors dotting the hillsides and peaceful reflections.