Camping at South Landing on Jackson Bay – Grand Teton NP

15-09 Grand Teton NP -008 - S Landing Camp Sunrise
We arrived at the Moose visitor Center at 3:00 and were able to get a back country permit for 3 nights at this site. It is a half mile walk in spot on a private cove – we had a gorgeous sunset and clear star gazing with the milky way before the moon rose.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -006 - Pam Dinner S Landing
Cooking dinner on the beach…we are “loaded for bear” : the bear spray is by our side with all the other food items safely stowed in the bear box.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -043 - Owl Lake Jackson Lodge
We heard an owl who-whoing when we got into the tent – such a sound of wilderness. It was a treat. We could also hear the elk bugling somewhere not too far way. We saw this owl at Jackson Lake Lodge and heard about some of its lifestyle.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -011 - S Landing Camp Sunrise
We went on the ridge above the beach for sunrise – incredible first morning inversion with the remains of the storm clouds. Life is good!
15-09 Grand Teton NP -013 - Henry S Landing Camp Coffee
Boiling water for coffee is a morning priority. We also bring all the breakfast paraphernalia so we can have a good hour enjoying the morning sunrise.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -004 - Jackson Lake Panaroma
The sun still hasn’t hit our point but the rest of the bay is in full sunshine. What a great show! This is a panorama stitched together to show more of our 180 degree view.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -005 - Henry Wine O'Clock S Landing Trail Head
Wine-o’clock break before a Saturday night ranger talk at Signal Mountain on the archaeological history of the area.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -019 - S Landing Camp Sunrise
Our second night and morning we shared the bay with this boat. Taken just after sunrise as they sailed on their way. Imagine spending the day on the lake absorbing Mt Moran!

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  1. Amazing I Loved the photo’s. I’m getting ready for my get away to the Canyon Lands in Utah, for the canoe trip. Should be a warm time and relaxing on beaches. I’m sorry you are dealing with roofing problems. Friends of mine make a living doing that in Denver. They say there is so much business because of the crazy weather. That owl was so beautiful, dawn or dusk? Have a busy month ahead (over worked and under played)… miss you SJP

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