Hiking L. S. Rockefeller Preserve and Jenny Lake – Grand Teton NP

15-09 Grand Teton NP -033 - Joan, Jim Phelps Lake
The four of us joined a ranger at the preserve for the last morning 1.5 mile hike to Phelps Lake (that took over 2 hours!) where we learned about different types of survival.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -031 - Pam L Rockefeller Preserve Ranger Stand
This area had been closed last week due to bear activity so we saw fresh claw marks and scat.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -035 - Henry Phelps Lake
Phelps Lake with our navigator eating lunch and trying to decide if we can survive the 4 mile hike around the lake – for a 7 mile total day.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -040 - Pam, Henry L Rockefeller Preserve
We did survive! The ranger gave Joan and I junior ranger book after she snapped this photo…
15-09 Grand Teton NP -050 -Henry, Jim, Joan Jenny Lake
We met Tuesday morning at the String Lake trail head to do the “required” hike around Jenny Lake to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. The weather is great and it is so picturesque!
15-09 Grand Teton NP -054 - Jenny Lake
Really a beautiful morning and not many other hikers on this first section of the trail.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -058 - Jim, Joan, Henry Hidden Falls Jenny Lake
A lot of people watching at the falls! The falls are nice and morning was a good time to be there.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -063 - Inspiration Point Jenny Lake
Henry got inspired at Inspiration Point to take some artistic photos of Jenny Lake. The point looks east so not sure it was all that inspirational even tho we are glad the Hole (valley) is preserved and not filled with development. Really too many people on this hike to be enjoyable and therefore not one of our favorites.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -064 - Pam, Joan Jr Rangers
High Five a fellow Junior Ranger! We are over age 11 so we qualified to get a badge or patch after completing our booklets and making a pledge with a ranger. Certifiably fun 😉

Here is a link to J & J’s blog for more photos of our fun together:


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