Puyehue National Park – Chile 7/16

Gorgeous Salto del Indio (waterfall) in Parque Nacional Puyehue.
Black lava rock is worn smooth by the water. We enjoyed the waterfall all by ourselves!
It rained hard all last night so we waited until after lunch and were rewarded with some blue sky.
The location is in the ancient Valdivian temperate rain forest. Parque Nacional Puyehue.
The ranger said this is a Mañio tree with a vine that does not harm the tree.
So unusual. We were not expecting such dense vegetation.
We hiked upstream to the next waterfall, the Salto Rapucura.
The Chilean ‘Smokey Bear’ is called Forestín.  He was rescued from a fire in 1976 to become an ambassador.
He is a coypu, a mouse/beaver type rodent native to Chile. (probably not his real size!)

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