6/8: Golden Gate to Monterrey

We left our cozy camp before dawn to minimize morning rush hour. We were parked in Presidio of San Francisco at 7:30.
We took a shuttle bus to the beginning of the bridge. This was easier than trying to park in this area.
Such a beautiful sight to see! We walked on bridge to first pier on this perfect morning.
We walked the coast of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. We visited the new National Park Presidio Visitor Center. An enjoyable morning.
We walked to the marina and then by the Palace of Fine Arts on our way back to the Travato.
We drove to Golden Gate City park and were lucky to find near by street parking at 12:10 because it had been closed for street cleaning until noon. There was a marching band competition in the park so a lively time to visit. We wandered into the Japanese Tea Garden for a break.
This is oldest Japanese tea garden in the United States, built in 1894. And is only 3.5 acres but extremely well designed and maintained.
Here is another unique gate at the top of the garden.
There is also a 5 tier pagoda that is over 100 years old.
Nice vignettes of quiet spaces. This white rock is raked with large waves with some islands of green.
The next day we visited two National Historic Sites.We had spent the morning in Richmond, CA at Rosie the Riveter World War II Homefront Visitor Center which is a great museum with well documented films. In Martinez, CA we toured John Muir’s home and contemplated his amazing legacy
His desk has been preserved as when he was using it to write so prolifically. The national park system considers him the father of our incredible parks – how wonderful to have someone so focused on conserving these lands for all generations.
The Travato now thinks it is a sports car since it has done all those twisties on Highway One. It drove us to Laguna Seca Raceway where we had a great camp site on Turn 5. It is all Recreation.
There was a Superbike motorcycle school going on for us to spectate. We drove down to the pits to get front row action.
We raced (just kidding) to Monterrey Bay to enjoy the seaside. We walked Cannery Row to hang out with John Steinbeck and friends.
We enjoyed watching the pelicans, cormorants, seals and kayakers.
Really there is such a sign?

Williams Creek Reservoir

We headed the Travato up the road to Teal Campground for a stay-cation!
We took the new kayaks – how beautiful is this!
We spent several days exploring the coast and the solitude.
Taking turns with the camera. Going out in the morning and the evening.
This is our favorite photo!
We went for several hikes into the nearby Weminuch Wilderness.
This is the life!
We saw lots of wildflowers…
And these black and white butterflys.
Lets take the fork to the right…
Fun! A river crossing!
Heading home with the wilderness behind us.
How many miles of fun we have had?!!
The heron is waiting for us to make sure we appreciate our home lake.
Life feels like a vacation here at home but it was great to explore some near by water as well.

Spring Visitors 2019

Lake is starting to thaw. Common Mergansers are returning
Snowbirding friends from Tucson are passing through on their way north.
We had friends over for an evening celebration.
We were enjoying the sunset and this lovely solitary swan.
And even family snowbirded through on their way north.
An excuse for another dinner party!
We are so happy to have local friends meet visiting friends and family.
To celebrate Earth Day, we bought some nice Hurricane kayaks to enjoy the lakes and a different kind of exercising.

Winter Events 2019

Good morning Winter 2019!
Gorgeous day to walk along the San Juan river downtown.
And appreciate the ice crystals on the plants, the shadows, and how the snow piles on the rocks.
Snowshoeing around the block with neighbors.
Winter Fest brought hot air balloons and cold temperatures.
So colorful and fun to watch them inflate.
A good crowd of spectators.
Beautiful mountain scenery.
And they like to do “touch and Go” on the lake leaving a skid mark in the snow.
Maybe that is what our frequent visitor is waiting for.
Or maybe he is just enjoying the view like us.

Hot Air Balloons in Pagosa Springs, CO

A gorgeous Saturday morning in Pagosa Springs!

It is fun being on the field before the balloons go up to see some silhouettes, the gas flames, and the baskets up close.

Beautiful colors! Oh – they are calling it The Color Fest.

Makes you want to sing ” Up, Up, and Away in my beautiful balloon”.

Even the Jester was smiling and having a good time.

We wandered over to the river walk.

And watched some balloons do a touch and go in the San Juan River.

Or just take a break and people watch the people watching!

Fun to also watch from the ramada next to the deepest hot springs in the world.

Oh – we got them to line up: one, two, three, four!

We returned in the evening for a band, a sunset, and a glow from the gas flames on a countdown from 10.

Poncha Pass and Salida, Colorado

There is the Travato on a hill on Poncha Pass – it is a level spot with a great view and the MINI Cooper is sitting behind it.

We walked a mile or so to O’Haver Lake which is quite pleasant. We hung out at the day use picnic tables but there is also a campground.

This aspen grove was quite dense and interesting.

This is the stone bridge for the turnoff to Marshall Pass road – 7 miles to the pass is a bit much for us to hike with the looming storm clouds.

Salida Fly In – a gorgeous morning and some very fine planes.

Some fun Russian nose art that we had not seen before.

The propellor is polished to such perfection that there are reflections!

Super Bee tail art – the nose looked like a cute smiling bumblebee.

Take off – we thought they were going to fly around in formation.

And maybe give us a bit of an airshow – but we didn’t see it.

There were also some beautiful old cars – this 1940 Buick in from Wyoming.

This was an original Colorado State truck that delivered the fish to stock the lakes – very nicely restored.

Flying from Ft Collins, Colorado

Meet our pilot. These are our friends that got us the work/camp for the National Forest in Sabino Canyon. We visited them in Ft Collins and decided to take to the air. What a treat!

Longs Peak overlooking the valley.

It is getting smaller and more of the city is visible. Also a touch of Horsetooth Reservoir.

A lot of snow last week as we head towards Curt Gowdy State Park, Wyoming.

Isn’t it beautiful?!

Going over Red Mountain area – looking like a Topo map with the snow outlining the contours.

But you can see the red below the snow and the Cache la Poudre River in the valley.

Well these are just plain fun images of the snow patterns.

Of about 50 photos, these are the best.

I am not quite sure what I am looking at!

But very interesting patterns. A very pleasant ride over the terrain.


USA Pro Cylcing Challenge Colorado 2015

15-08-18 Summit County Hike -005
Summit county morning hike above Lake Dillon – hazy due to wildfires but great flowers and incredible views.

15-08-18 Procycle A-Basin Finish Line -002
We parked ourselves at Arapaho Basin Ski area for the cycling race finish line – great climb finish in front of the Jumbo Tron with a good local band providing music – could you ask for a better Colorado Day!

15-08-18 Procycle A-Basin Finish Line -016
The Peleton riders standing on their pedals for the finish line – they are so fast!

15-08-18 Procycle A-Basin Finish Line -014
Team BMC (overall best team) pulling in their yellow jersey rider, Taylor Phinney (overall best Colorado Rider, overall finishing #26). But today’s stage winner was Brent Bookwalter (overall 2nd podium finisher)

This is the Fifth year we have attended this race here in Colorado. We also went Sunday to see the finish in downtown Denver. Congratulations to Rohan Dennis for taking the podium as overall winner and King of the Mountain winner!