Volcán Osorno – Chile 9/16

Early morning Volcán Osorno briefly reveals itself. Yes!!!!
Another evening at sunset we again watched the clouds play over Volcan Osorno.
Volcan Osorno – Fun!
We took this picture from the airplane a few weeks ago.
Also 11,380 ft Cerro Tronador in the distance, on the border with Argentina.
A hike on sendero Paso Desolación in volcanic sand, in the Parque National Vicente Perez Rosales, to get a birds eye view of Lago Todos los Santos.
Surrounded by the Andes Mountains.  A boat route across Lago Todos los Santos connects to Argentina.
We walked the black volcanic sand beach of Lago de los Santos.
Interesting flowering tree. Maybe a native Eucryphia?After the hike we stopped to enjoy the cascades on Rio Petrohue.
More volcanic rock worn smooth on the Rio Petrohue.
Carintia Cabins – the Volcán – is our home for 5 nights! We would highly recommend any one of these 4 modular river cabins.
The Grille master! BBQ Chicken Legs, then Pork Chops with some awesome Carménère wine.
Or Cerveza Austral Patagonia as we are on the northern start of the Carreterra Austral.
We enjoyed this view of Rio Petrohue from our cabin!
We drove up the volcano to see the view of Lago Llanquihue,
This is how the Volcán Osorno mostly appeared to us but we were very happy to have this view also from our cabin.

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