Hiking the Lakes at Grand Teton NP

15-09 Grand Teton NP -111 - Taggart & Bradley Lakes
The hike to Taggart Lake – Friday afternoon after cheering up Jim in the morning – was short by all the previous hikes. We were not very energetic but it felt good to have a destination on what felt like a beautiful summer day.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -105 - Taggart & Bradley Lakes
The high temp today was 84 degrees with those fluffy summer clouds really fun to laze around and watch.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -107 - Taggart & Bradley Lakes
We continued on the trail to Bradley Lake which looked the same but different. There was only one other quiet couple sharing this lake with us.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -102 - Henry Menors Ferry Snake River
Earlier at Snake River by the Menors Ferry for lunch rock.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -112 - Proghorn Antelope Flats
A pronghorn in Antelope Flats. Apparently there have never been antelope in N. America so this valley was mis-named and should have been called Pronghorn Flats. We came here in the morning for coffee and breakfast – we saw a herd of buffalo through the binoculars as well as a few deer.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -119 - Moonrise Mormon Row
Full moon rising at Mormon Row – the barn is being re-roofed so we looked for other creative shots that Ansel Adams would have appreciated.. The moon has been so bright this week – it has been shining on us like a friend.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -115 - Henry Jackson, WY
Saturday we spent the day in Jackson, WY.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -120 - Sunrise Grand Teton
Sunday morning we woke to much weather personality and wondered if our luck had run out. This is the sunrise view from the car as we enjoyed our coffee and breakfast.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -121 - Moose Visitor Center
We saw this Moose a lot at the Moose Visitor Center. The weather forecast didn’t seem too bad – and we had Joan’s dinner to look forward to –  their company and the lunar eclipse –  so decided that of course we would stay!
15-09 Grand Teton NP -130 - String Lake
We started hiking String Lake at the String Lake Picnic Area. It was calm and nicely a bit cooler as we were tiring of the hot days. Incredible reflections.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -122 - Leigh Lake
String Lake in Autumn splendor.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -129 - Pam Leigh Lake
We went on to Leigh lake and enjoyed the tranquility of having the entire lake to ourselves!
15-09 Grand Teton NP -128 - Henry Leigh Lake
It was mostly cloudy with some sunshine – quick take the picture – and some very gentle rain drops to keep a quiet serenity around us.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -132 - String Lake
Kayakers adding a new dimension to the shadows of the reflections of String Lake.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -135 - Full Moon Setting Antelope Flats
We watched the super moon lunar eclipse Sunday night peak in and out of clouds, while comfortably appointed in J&J’s RV with an amazing cordon bleu variation for dinner. This was the moon on our early morning departure the next morning – our lasting memory of our experience in the Tetons.

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