Two Ocean Lake Hike and Antelope Flats – Grand Teton NP

15-09 Grand Teton NP -081 - Two Ocean Lake
The Grand View overlook of Two Ocean Lake – scouting out the hike ahead of us. Joan and I hiked to this point while the guys shuttled the cars so that we could turn a leisurely 8 mile hike into an 11 mile excursion. Good thing we all have strong hiking legs!
15-09 Grand Teton NP -082 - Two Ocean Lake
The aspen were really in their prime and we felt so lucky to be here on this peak day. The temperature also peaked to 80 degrees making the afternoon evergreen hike pleasurable as well.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -084 - Pam, Henry Two Ocean Lake
Beautiful scenery!
15-09 Grand Teton NP -091 - Henry Cunnighan Cabin
A hiking day off on Thursday gave us time to explore some of the historic sites.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -095 - Cunnighan Cabin
So would you homestead here! What a view – how could you get any work done?
15-09 Grand Teton NP -094 - Pam Cunnighan Cabin
The cabin is really nicely constructed. and we were liking the sod roof.
15-09 Grand Teton NP -097 - Henry Mini 75,000 Miles
MINI just drove us 75,000 miles in the past 10.5 years. New tires to celebrate this trip. And Pam was driving!
15-09 Grand Teton NP -098 - Jim Atherton Creek CG
We set up camp near the Atherton Creek Slide in Bridger-Teton National Forest. Our mountain biking friend was checking out the area too so we had lunch together in the shade of these aspens. The afternoon ride home did not go well for Jim when an SUV pulled out in front of him. Horrible! He suffered a broken pelvis which needed quite a few pain meds and time to heal. We were planning dinner together at Chef Joan’s in the RV the next night so we were able to assist a bit in the recovery.

Here is J & J’s blog entry

15-09 Grand Teton NP -099 - Murie Ranch Porch Talk
Happy Fall Equinox! We went to Mardy’s Front Porch Conversations at the Murie Center. They had a community evening with engaging conversations led by author Fred Swanson on Olaus Murie and The American Wilderness. Is there enough wilderness? Is technology a useful tool? Should there be pullouts along the road for tourists passing through? We enjoyed some wine, cheese, crackers and Mardy’s favorite cookie recipe with locals as well as other travelers. We were missing have J & J there and worried a bit about how they were faring.

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