Timucuan~Atlantic Coast

The Ribault Monument commemorates the 1562 landing of Jean Ribault. France’s first attempt to stake a permanent claim in North America was at La Caroline, a settlement near the mouth of the St. Johns River in Florida (North of Jacksonville)
Que bon! Ribault erected a stone column bearing the coats of arms of his French King Charles IX to claim Florida for France. There is much history to Fort Caroline National Memorial.
The Atlantic Ocean ~ an early morning walk before a rainy day.
This pine carved owl totem, preserved from around 1400 at Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve, is the largest wooden effigy recovered from an archaeological site in North or South America.
We had a great campsite where the Live Oak trees dwarfed the van.
The camp ground had wonderful bird viewing pavilion.
Luckily we didn’t spot any crocs or alligators! But we kept our distance from the wild humans.
Beautiful drive in the Timucuan Preserve and its maritime hammock.
Azaleas blooming in front the Ribault Club, built in 1928, a renovated monument to the resort era on Fort George Island.
We spent the day enjoying the Atlantic Coast and barrier islands, driving through Amelia Island before ending at Crooked River SP in Georgia.


We felt like we had conquered Florida like Hernando DeSoto!
Hillsburo Lighthouse near Pompano Beach
Lots of boats and fishing activity to entertain us.
Good Cuban black beans for lunch with Mima.
Reconnecting with other family by the pool.
The five year old teaching her uncle how to count to 100.
Paint the pizza box after dinner – reuse before recycling!

Food, Fun, Friends, Family

Holiday season begins!
Thanksgiving in Michigan.
We return to the fox prints on the lake.
Scrumptious soup dinner at the cabin with a yoga demonstration…
All the better to be limber to try out those new skis.
Lots of sunshine and great views.
Finally enough snow to shoe on the lake.
Many fabulous winter sunsets to enjoy with a glass of wine.
Cabin Fever Celebration with friends…
The bonfire is lit but it is still cold out here…
Now there is a little heat!
Even better is the heat in Phoenix – combining both friends and family!
Lots of great meals: a little biking, a little walking, some tennis and some shopping might have worn off a calorie or two.
Back to the Arizona Biltmore for our third year in a row – a new brunch tradition. Delicious!
Enjoying the beautiful gardens with flowers in January.
Another wonderful evening with Thai soup and German chocolate cake. And a big bottle of wine to celebrate a big birthday!
Our little Florida cutie is also celebrating.
We had more great food and fun family time.

Family Memories

Happy faces – good to enjoy the family.
What is more fun than taking a three year old to the zoo!
Maybe driving your own sports car in the yard – with your favorite play mate to push you?
Or a walk to the store with undivided attention?
Another beautiful family face in a selfie with his aunt.
Brothers enjoying having additional play mates to make a foursome for Monopoly.
The little sister is a bit camera shy – or maybe just busy with her other cousins.
It is make your own pizza night. We have coordinated our visit to be with my parents from Michigan.
We enjoyed some time in Evergreen – You never know when your last time to be with someone might be. This will be my memory.
Very fun taking pictures of Evergreen Lake, the shore and the reflections.
And lots of elk to get some close up photos. My Dad, the photographer, was especially thrilled. Pictures from enjoying time with them in Summit County earlier this year http://tealsky.com/2017/06/17/more-adventures-in-summit-county-colorado/
We went to Miami to visit another Mom and her care giver – a celebration lunch.
Three generations of beautiful women! The little one is getting strong and preparing those legs to walk! She has grown a lot! http://tealsky.com/2017/04/04/back-to-miami/
An unexpected trip to Michigan. Dad fell off a ladder while working on his beautiful home. He was having a regular day, doing his chores, on the property he loved.
A family reunion – the day after the memorial service.
Thank you Dad for all the wonderful memories, for providing the family with your love and guidance, and for being with us for so many years. I will miss you.

Back to Bal Harbour, FL

Sunrise on the Atlantic…quite a ways from Arizona!
Beautiful sunrises – such a peaceful way to start the day!
Lots of home improvement projects like painting the patio furniture on the balcony.
And some good family time with this salmon luncheon.
Meeting the newest family member.
Four generations!


St Thomas Virgin Islands

16-05-08 Mother's Day, Thomas USVI -057
We rented a 2 bed, 2 bath condo on Bolongo Bay – this is view from the balcony. Very nice! Thank you to the owner Sue for being on VRBO and sharing with us.
16-05-08 Mother's Day, Thomas USVI -058
Got in some pool time. It was a nice each to walk around with a restaurant and ar – you really did not have to leave this little bit of paradise.
16-05-08 Mother's Day, Thomas USVI -059
Relaxing before the big event…
16-05-06 Rebecca's Wedding, St Thomas USVI -003
And here we are dressed and ready for the party at the Ritz.
16-05-06 Rebecca's Wedding, St Thomas USVI -012
A very handsome couple
16-05-06 Rebecca's Wedding, St Thomas USVI -018
Here comes the bride: father and daughter
16-05-06 Rebecca's Wedding, St Thomas USVI -022
Under the gazebo on the bay –
16-05-06 Rebecca's Wedding, St Thomas USVI -025
You may kiss the bride. Yeah!
16-05-06 Rebecca's Wedding, St Thomas USVI -031
Our niece is married!
16-05-06 Rebecca's Wedding, St Thomas USVI -042
The best men…with the cake!

16-05-06 Rebecca's Wedding, St Thomas USVI -039

16-05-08 Mother's Day, Thomas USVI -049
Happy Mother’s Day with a rum punch to send the newlyweds on their way!
16-05-09 Virgin Island National Park, St John USVI -071
A day trip to Virgin Island National Park on St John – gorgeous day!
16-05-09 Virgin Island National Park, St John USVI -076
So glad this island was preserved from development!
16-05-09 Virgin Island National Park, St John USVI -078
This was very pleasant way to end the day.


Miami Nights

16-02-17 Mima's 88th Birthday-005
Family diner with lots to celebrate – so nice to have all together
16-02-17 Mima's 88th Birthday-001
The girls together
16-02-17 Mima's 88th Birthday-002
The engaged couple looking very happy
16-02-17 Mima's 88th Birthday-003
Glass of wine and enjoying the view from the balcony

Miami Family Reunion

Family Reunion in Miami Sunday 1-6 for Drinks, Tapas, and Dinner –

We started at the cabana by the pool…

15-03-15 Mima's 87th Birthday Party -008
Family came from all over the state to celebrate life, being together, some birthdays, and the gorgeous day on the beach.
15-03-15 Mima's 87th Birthday Party -006
The ladies enjoying the shade, the ocean breeze, and catching up.
15-03-15 Mima's 87th Birthday Party -003
The chef arrived to make paella for 30 on the balcony. Chicken tenders for the younger audience.
15-03-15 Mima's 87th Birthday Party -001
The gorgeous paella is finished and the beautiful guest of honor is ready to be the first to dig in.
15-03-15 Mima's 87th Birthday Party -016
We had a great time planning the party, coordinating all the details, and enjoying seeing so many people having a good time.
15-03-15 Mima's 87th Birthday Party -020
The nephew and the niece with her man. So glad you were part of the preparation and entertainment crew!
15-03-15 Mima's 87th Birthday Party -026
The sisters celebrating their birthday as well as with good friend Nellie.
15-03-15 Mima's 87th Birthday Party -030
Capturing the moment!
15-03-15 Mima's 87th Birthday Party -029
Great to get everyone singing along – hard to get the group up from the beach tho!
Great Panorama showing the multitudes of conversations fueled by the sugar high.
15-03-15 Mima's 87th Birthday Party -039
The end of a beautiful day – we were exhausted but we had a good time. It was so wonderful that so many family members made the effort to celebrate with us – Really nice to have happy occasions as a reason to be together.