Flying from Ft Collins, Colorado

Meet our pilot. These are our friends that got us the work/camp for the National Forest in Sabino Canyon. We visited them in Ft Collins and decided to take to the air. What a treat!
Longs Peak overlooking the valley.
It is getting smaller and more of the city is visible. Also a touch of Horsetooth Reservoir.
A lot of snow last week as we head towards Curt Gowdy State Park, Wyoming.
Isn’t it beautiful?!
Going over Red Mountain area – looking like a Topo map with the snow outlining the contours.
But you can see the red below the snow and the Cache la Poudre River in the valley.
Well these are just plain fun images of the snow patterns.
Of about 50 photos, these are the best.
I am not quite sure what I am looking at!
But very interesting patterns. A very pleasant ride over the terrain.


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