Los Flamingos National Reserve – Chile 13/16

Llama Crossing! Stop the car!
Wow what a coat of fur. They must be so hot.
This lizard lives in the Salt flats – notice all the beautiful white crystals.
We are at Laguna Chaxos in the Salar de Atacama, the third largest salt lake in the world. This is one of the sectors of Los Flamencos National Reserve.
A long neck just like the llamas and vicuñas.
We enjoyed watching this one feed on the algae. There are three types of flamingos that nest here but some have left.
Another day we got this photo of a different species of flamingo – less black on the tail.
There are other flocks of birds also at Laguna Chaxos. Valle de la Luna shimmers in the back ground.
We enjoyed our private shady patio during our 5 nights at Peumayen Atacama Cabaña, just outside San Pedro. And a great 2 bedroom half of a duplex.
We watched the sunset on the volcano that dominates the town. Is that a cloud forming -hopefully!
The sun sets fast! We are here during equinox and at the Tropic of Capricorn…Great Timing.

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