Geisers de Tatio – Chile 14/16

We arrive at the Geisers del Tatio about an hour after sunrise. This geothermic basin is at 14,200 feet with geysers and fumeroles.
They are most impressive at day break as the coolness of the air shows off the 185°F steam as it condenses.
Our intrepid navigator drove us about 90 minutes in darkness with only the light of the full moon and then rising of the sun so we could be here early.
Interesting colors and reflections. It is the largest geyser field is the southern hemisphere and the third largest in the world. (Yellowstone is the largest, and there are many similarities)
The vicuñas are allowed in the water, since they can’t read Spanish. They are so busy eating the algae they don’t pay any attention to the photographers.
Isn’t this one just as cute as can be? The eyes are so big!
Outside the park we had a picnic lunch and this Zorro wanted to see if we had any for him. We did not share but were quite excited to see a Andean Fox!
About midway on the drive home we saw this site in the Valle Putana. Vicuñas fully immersed in the river.
Some other vicuñas are waiting on the hillside.
This vicuñas is getting left behind.
They safely crossed the road under our watchful eye.
They can join the other hundred or so we saw in the Valle Putana – a lush spot full of life.
The volcano Putana is reflected in a vegetation free area of the river.

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