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3/8: Powderhorn Wilderness, Colorado

“Safer at Home and the Colorado Great Outdoors 2020”

We turned off Slumgullion Pass to Deer Lakes on the Cannibal Plateau in the Gunnison National Forest-

trying our best not to do an Alfred Packer

We found a great spot to camp next to this beaver pond – we watched several move branches across the pond and then disappear underwater.

A hike into the Powderhorn wilderness above our camp.

A peaceful way to enjoy a day. It is wonderful to be off the grid.

Heading back to our favorite campsite to watch the beaver family preparing for winter.

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2/8: Rio Grande Reservoir, Colorado

“Safer at Home and the Colorado Great Outdoors 2020”

Still in the Rio Grande National Forest, we head up another valley.

We start above our camp at Thirty Mile Campground for our hike.

Checking the map while overlooking Rio Grande Reservoir.

Entering Weminuche Wilderness, the largest protected area in Colorado.

A bridge sturdy enough for horses crosses the start of the Rio Grande River.

Weminuche Pass is a relatively low crossing of the Continental Divide.

Finding the names for all the mountains while we take a break.

Enjoying the deer back at our camp site while we listened to the river.

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1/8: Wheeler Geologic Area, Colorado

“Safer at Home and the Colorado Great Outdoors 2020”

Mid- September, we headed to Rio Grande National Forest, an area of Colorado south of Creede we had not explored.

Huge piles of beetle kill limber pines that had been cut for fire mitigation.

Stage One Fire Restrictions: No burning!

(The three largest fires in Colorado’s history burned in 2020 )

Sun has not yet reached the valley as we head into La Garita Wilderness.

It is starting to feel like fall in this gorgeous section of the trail.

Wheeler Geologic Area used to be a National Monument.

Remote and Unique, it was a fun area to explore.

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Japanese Garden Project

Time to use those kayak arm muscles to move rocks.First of 3 loads of local rock we had delivered. We had some of the boulders moved as well per the architect’s directions.

Templates made of cardboard first to get the dimensions worked out.

Shapes were then cut out of particle board to make concrete form.

Looking good…This just might work!

Wrapped in plastic, concrete was hand mixed and pushed into crevices.

The unveiling a week later shows the close match of concrete colors/textures with the rocks.

Lakeside view showing how bridges starts thicker, goes thinner as it springs out of the rock.

Seven tons of pea gravel are delivered to create the pond.View from living room after we have added a few plants.

The bridge ends at an island which we hope to feature a character pine.

A rake creates the wave patterns that enhance all the island places.


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Safer At Home – Spring 2020

Stuck at home, looking forward to Wine O’clock to help the days go by.

Daily walks to check out ducks and water fowl that might be hanging out.

Cooking some wonderful meals like this Spanish Paella.

Prep for a Spanish tortilla: We submitted some of our favorite recipes for the Outdoor Club cookbook.

An excellent flip to cook the other side. Nice party trick appreciated by the two of us!

Sunrise with a beautiful moon set while enjoying our morning coffee.

We enjoyed spring blooms and the views on a bright sunny day with a walk up the Forest Road to the top of Chimney Rock NM.

Another road hike to Eight Mile Fire Lookout tower…

…with this incredible view over the valley.

Kayaking from our back door to enjoy the view of Pagosa Peak.Warm weather on a wind free afternoon gave us another outdoor space.

Thank-you!!! May 15th F-16’s flyover over to thank medical personal.

Pelicans stayed for a day – so big and white. Such a treat to see them.

We learned to Zoom – a good way to stay connected with friends.

A few days of kayaking up at Williams Creek Reservoir to enjoy a change of pace.

A forest fire started near by – unfortunately the first of many for the west.

We had a front row view of the air tanker refilling – every 15 minutes or so.Spontaneous weekend of balloon enthusiasts to celebrate summer solstice.

Enjoying the simple things in life – clouds and reflections.

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