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Heading to Sabino Canyon, Arizona

Retracing our steps, we picked up the MINI in Denver, the Travato in Kansas, and returned to Lake Meredith to catch up on sleep. http://tealsky.com/2016/11/11/oklahoma-texas-panhandles/

We revisited White Sands NM for a beautiful hike on the dunes. http://tealsky.com/2015/12/09/white-sands-new-mexico/

We camped near by on this picturesque pond.

Near Las Cruces, we enjoyed this spot in the Organ Mountains NM for a few nights Рmeeting up with an architecture friend for a Rotary event. First time here in the Travato  http://tealsky.com/2015/12/08/organ-mountains-new-mexico/

Back at our site #2 in Sabino Canyon, enjoying happy hour with Site #1 friends, co-volunteers. Last time we saw them: http://tealsky.com/2017/05/22/flying-from-ft-collins-colorado/

The sunsets are memorable looking east with the saguaros in the foreground. Pictures from a year ago http://tealsky.com/2017/01/15/sabino-canyon-tucson-first-weekfull-moon/

A coworker made this awesome flan for the holiday party! We had to try three servings just to make sure it was as good as it looked!

A Merry Christmas to You Saguaro Nativity.

Sabino Creek is very low with no water flowing, just a few little reflection pools.

This coati was hanging around one of the little pools with 4 other family members – we sure enjoyed watching them forage!

Some incredibly nice fall color as we started our work routine up the canyon.

Hiking on another day we found this pop up art installation of balanced rocks.

This must take a lot of patience but it was very fun to come across it. A peaceful way to start 2018.

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Family Memories

Happy faces – good to enjoy the family.

What is more fun than taking a three year old to the zoo!

Maybe driving your own sports car in the yard – with your favorite play mate to push you?

Or a walk to the store with undivided attention?

Another beautiful family face in a selfie with his aunt.

Brothers enjoying having additional play mates to make a foursome for Monopoly.

The little sister is a bit camera shy – or maybe just busy with her other cousins.

It is make your own pizza night. We have coordinated our visit to be with my parents from Michigan.

We enjoyed some time in Evergreen – You never know when your last time to be with someone might be. This will be my memory.

Very fun taking pictures of Evergreen Lake, the shore and the reflections.

And lots of elk to get some close up photos. My Dad, the photographer, was especially thrilled. Pictures from enjoying time with them in Summit County earlier this year http://tealsky.com/2017/06/17/more-adventures-in-summit-county-colorado/

We went to Miami to visit another Mom and her care giver – a celebration lunch.

Three generations of beautiful women! The little one is getting strong and preparing those legs to walk! She has grown a lot! http://tealsky.com/2017/04/04/back-to-miami/

An unexpected trip to Michigan. Dad fell off a ladder while working on his beautiful home. He was having a regular day, doing his chores, on the property he loved.

A family reunion – the day after the memorial service.

Thank you Dad for all the wonderful memories, for providing the family with your love and guidance, and for being with us for so many years. I will miss you.

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On the road to Kansas – revisiting sights we enjoy

Looking back at Wolf Creek Pass from Del Norte – we had rainy weather but managed to miss the snow storm.

We found a nice spot to park near Penitente Canyon to enjoy the cooler weather.

The La Garita supervolcanic eruption, along with 17 other volcanic eruptions, millions of years ago left these special rock formations.

There were little details like these lichen to enjoy as well.

The Travato is in the rear view of the MINI – it is usually the other way around! The miles feel longer when we are each driving.

Our same campsite at Sand Dunes National Park – but now with fresh snow on the mountains!

And fall color! But the snow has refreshed Medano Creek so it is flowing this late in the year.

Picturesque to walk along the creek.

Especially at sunset.

Enjoying the storm clouds build from our camp spot. Here is the link to other pictures from our last visit http://tealsky.com/2016/06/12/travato-is-welcomed-to-colorful-colorado/

Revisiting Picketwire Canyon, we hiked to the Dinosaur Tracks again in Comanche National Grassland but didn’t stay at the same wonderful camp because of the threatening rain.

The site is looking more like this today than a desert, but we didn’t see any dinosaurs!

The tracks were not so visible as we saw last year. http://tealsky.com/2016/11/05/eastern-colorado-plains/

The raging river kept us from crossing to the other side.

But the tarantulas were crossing the roads. There were lots and lots of them: It is mating season!

You want to cross the road: What is the magic word?

We enjoyed a beautiful full harvest moon rise from our camp site.

We went back for a morning hike in historic Vogel Canyon.

The fog and full ponds of water made it different than last time – a real change from the dust bowl era.

On the road again across the eastern plains to Kansas, under more threatening skies.


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Enjoying more of Pagosa Lakes area

We met new friends at Pagosa 100%, a group encouraging sustainability and diversified energy sources. We were invited to stay in their new guest cabin.

There was daily wildlife sightings!

And gorgeous sunsets to enjoy!

Where is the mariachi band? We found a Mexican restaurant that we enjoyed.

Coyote Canyon hike in San Juan National Forest north of Hatches Reservoir.

Another NF hike closer to Forest Lake with a view of Pagosa Peak.

Looking back at Pagosa on a visit south to Santa Fe to visit our friends for the weekend.

Beautiful Village Lake looking southeast.

Another view of Village Lake looking west. We will be back…


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Hot Air Balloons in Pagosa Springs, CO

A gorgeous Saturday morning in Pagosa Springs!

It is fun being on the field before the balloons go up to see some silhouettes, the gas flames, and the baskets up close.

Beautiful colors! Oh – they are calling it The Color Fest.

Makes you want to sing ” Up, Up, and Away in my beautiful balloon”.

Even the Jester was smiling and having a good time.

We wandered over to the river walk.

And watched some balloons do a touch and go in the San Juan River.

Or just take a break and people watch the people watching!

Fun to also watch from the ramada next to the deepest hot springs in the world.

Oh – we got them to line up: one, two, three, four!

We returned in the evening for a band, a sunset, and a glow from the gas flames on a countdown from 10.

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San Juan National Forest – Pagosa Springs, CO

After crossing Wolf Creek Pass, we drove down Mill Creek Road with this view of Nipple Mountains.

We found this cozy little spot to set up a dispersed camp site.

We had some visitors – one morning one of these lovelies was licking the van – never thought of a cow as curious!

We enjoyed a few sunsets silhouetted by the trees.

Lots of brief monsoon type rains gave us lots of interesting clouds along with the moisture.

We even got to see the rainbow!

Which of course leads to beautiful wildflowers in the nearby meadow.

We took a short hike to Treasure Falls

One of those collared lizards – they are hard to photograph as they are quite fast!

We spent the afternoon at the Archuleta County Fair, watching the Rodeo.

They had to separate a specific cow from the herd, rope it and then ‘Brand’ it.

Of course we got right into the action and tried our city slicker hand at roping!

Another day we hiked into Weminuche Wilderness, North of Pagosa Springs.

We had this hiking companion.

The fireweed was in full bloom – a very nice magenta!

Our destination was Fourmile Falls for a picnic lunch!

The cliffs are actually large conglomerate rocks that were part of the ancient seabed.


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Chimney Rock National Monument and Navajo Reservoir Area

Chimney Rocks is a new national Monument in San Juan National Forest.

It is on the Ancient road to Chaco Canyon.

The sun shines between the chimney rocks on a neighboring hill at equinox.

We had an excellent guided tour where we learned all bits and pieces of the native American history.

Plus it was an awesome day to just be on the hilltop.

The original wall is closest to the camera with the most texture while the rebuilt wall has less protruding rocks.

Details, details, details.

Mostly sandstone construction.

This is the large kiva at the base of the chimney rocks.

Nice to meet some other travelers – we had a great group.

Storage rooms around the kiva with the orientation to the chimney’s.

This is as close to them as we can venture as the sandstone is a bit fragile for too many visitors.

There are faces looking north – perhaps the clouds have outlined them enough for you to see.

A bit further south at Navajo Reservoir, we learned that the Dominguez – Escalante Expedition crossed the San Juan river here near Arboles, CO.

This was a water tower that serviced the narrow gauge railroad – of which the Durango – Silverton portion is still operating.

You can still see the Rio Grande name on this part of the tank.

An old coal car of the Denver and Rio Grande Rail Road. And I realized we have taken no pictures of the Navajo Reservoir!

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