Costa Blanca

Cap de la Nau Lighthouse was one of our first overlooks on the Miradors of Javea tour.
 This overlook is towards the voted best beach in Spain in Granadelles.
Before Javea we found this interesting overlook of another natural park – we decided not hike down to the point.
Near Javea was another Roman Fish Hatchery. We had a picnic lunch at the lighthouse at Cap de Sant Antoni in the background.
Javea Port with the Natural Park of Montgi in the background.
A real windmill in Spain? These ground wheat in the 16th century.
This is a Molin Diagram of how it really worked.
There are 11 molins near the Cap De Sant Antoni above Javea.
The next day we decided to do an morning walk to another Lighthouse of Albi near Altea.
It is a Natural Park and was a pleasant 2.5 mile paved walk to the lighthouse at the top.
This is Altea and the mountains behind the Costa Blanca.
Another day trip further south took us to colorful Villajoyosa where it is said each fisherman used a unique color for his home so he could find it from the sea.
Very picturesque – Villajoyosa Lighthouse.

Calpe on Costa Blanca

We are on the 5th floor of a highrise on the north end of Calpe, with Peñón de Ifach – that big rock – to the south.
From our balcony we are enjoying Sunrises on Mediterranean Sea.
There is a wonderful nature trail to the north for several miles.
This is one of the coves where you can get down to the sea – the Cala les Bassetes.
There is a long promenade on the south side that leads to the rock.
We head to the Natural Park Peñón de Ifach for a close up look.
There are a lot of gulls here on the cliff sides of Natural Park of Peñón de Ifach.
Enjoying the sea from the Natural Park of Peñón de Ifach.
From the Natural Park looking back to the North at the section of Calpe we are staying.
On the south side of Peñón de Ifach is a longer beach with lots of sun seeking European tourists.
The Romans were even here! Baños de la Reina were from around 200 BC.
There is no mistaking these as Spanish Steps, leading us to the old town part of Calpe.
Walking back to the apartment, there is an inland salt marsh with year around Flamingos.

Turron in Jijona

Christmas season usually includes a bit of Turron almond sweets both Blando (soft) and Alicante (hard like a peanut brittle). We happen to be near where it is made so we set off for a day trip.
Museo del Turron is in Jijona (or Xixona) west of Alicante, in an agricultural region that grows almonds and honey.
In the 1800’s they used to grind the almonds kneeling behind these stone slabs pressing the rollers with their weight – much like the manos and metatas of the Ancient Americans.
The local almonds are round and mixed with local honey before being baked and packaged. We were able to look down on the factory floor and see how it is done today.
This 1920’s Rolls Royce truck is just back from a holiday promotion tour in Madrid.
On the way home we drove a mountainous route that started in Alcoy. A lot of motor cycles and road bikes on the road – more fun for them than for us, since the road was endless switchbacks and curves.

L’Escala, Spain Revisited…

L’Escala Apartment In Front of the Sea looked the same after we were gone for 996 days waiting for our return so we could continue our Spain vacation.
Henry guarding the keep at Torre Montgo. He could see the Barbarian approaching for miles. Our previous pictures of L’escala.
There is a beautiful cove and the Platja de Montgo on the other side of the tower. We decided to walk to the cliff on the other side.
Looking back from Cala Mongo
Beautiful Bay of Roses from Punta Ventosa.
What does the sea look like down there? From Punta Ventosa.
The Seagulls look different with a black and white tail.
We enjoyed a walk around the marina and especially the old fishing boats.
Walking back along the shore and the Reilles beach is The Little Prince reminding us that what we tame is important to us.
The city of Emporion on the Bay of Roses off the Mediterranean Sea is where the Greeks first landed on the Iberian peninsula.
The Ruïnes d’Empúries shows many different centuries of Greek building.
Asclepius is the god of medicine and this replica looks over his temple –  and the Greek Ruïnes d’Empúries
The real marble carving is inside the museum with a 3D computer recreation movie of Empúries as it looked in the 2nd century BC.
This incredible roman mosaic  (each piece smaller than the end of your pinky) from the 1st century BC depicts the myth of the sacrifice of Ipigenia.
So the Romans drove out the Greeks and built their larger city adjacent but inland to complete the archeology Ruïnes d’Empúries.
This is part of the Roman city with baths, mansions, mosaic floors and all sorts of interesting architecture.
This is a small Roman courtyard in one of the massive mansions.
The edge of the city has a concrete wall which was one of the earliest examples of Roman concrete we had actually seen.
Sunrise on the Mediterranean is a great way to celebrate the winter solstice.

The Beauty of Catalonia, Spain

A gorgeous Faro (Lighthouse) at Cap Sant Sebastia.
Amazing pink cliffs from Parador L’Aiguablava.
The Costa Brava has walkways for much of the coast – this at Platja de la Fosca.
The vineyards in the Alta Empurada with sheep near Peralada.
South of the French border we took a walk near La Jonquera through a cork forest.
We went searching for this Menhir Circle, Bas Baleta I. Incredible.
The Menhir Cirlce has a center stone but not sure if it is meant to be a sundial or what the significance is.
Nearby is the Bas Baleta II, a Dolmen that has collapsed.
A short walk took us to Dolmen Estanys II.
There is also the Menhir dels Estanys II – we wonder what these meant.
And then onto Dolmen del Querafumat.
We had some more urban walks, this in the medieval city of Pals.
And here with the Catalan Christmas Log in Peratallada.
This tower in Peralada suggests it is time to head for wine o’clock!

Iberian City Settlements

  Ullastret is the largest Iberian settlement discovered so far in Spain. Picture is from 3D movie recreation.
The excavated 5th Century BC Ruins today. We used an audio wand (in English) which assisted with interpretation of what we were viewing.
This is what it would be like to walk the streets as shown in the 3D recreation.
Looking over a dry moat you could see the enemy approaching for a long ways.
We were the only ones in the 3D movie shown on 3 walls, so realistic how it brings to life the old city.
The stone work on the thick walls around the city is amazing.
The interior spaces appeared to be comfortable.
Nearby is Sant Sebastia de la Guarda, an interpretive Iberian park.
This was very well explained and we learned a bit more about Iberic life.
The storage cisterns were at both sites – one was 15 feet deep into the ground and shaped life a large vase.

Happenings 2022

Summer mornings…
Summer afternoons…
Summer nights…
Summer hiking…
Summer biking…
Biking route…
Summer kayaking with a heron…
Mom came for 2 weeks. Knitting seaweed for library on the balcony.
Met Remy and the family in Buena Vista for a fun day trip.
Play time on the Arkansas River…
Fall Equinox sunset…can start to enjoy sunsets from living room again.
Migrating swallows – several groups -chose our home as a stop over for several days. Lots of window washing!
This friendly buck chose our patio several times – surprising us when we woke up in the morning and staying for several hours, perfectly content with us.
With a younger friend who also spent the night. Beautiful. Amazing.
End of the world sunset – amazing colors.
First snowfall. 12X optical zoom from guest bedroom.
Lake is freezing, summer’s over. A heron is very interested in this change of environment.

Utah: Exploring

Mid October we headed west to enjoy the fall weather.
The visitor center at Mesa Verde NP was a good break.
Who are those aliens at Valley of the Gods? Enjoying our camp at sunset.
Our zoomed in view of Monument Valley in AZ.
We hiked the West lime Creek drainage area from camp Valley of the Gods.
Henry the Navigator triangulating where we are!
Drive through Valley of the Gods – such interesting formations.
We left the Travato and got out for a walk.
Such a clear day as the Moon set.
Goosenecks State Park – WOW!
And this was our campsite on the rim. Also there was a night star party!
How many Mile 0 have we traveled to?
Hillside towards Mexican Hat with a zoom lens showing erosion – interesting patterns.
Sand Island petroglyphs – always interesting.
Sand Island Petroglyphs  – the figures look playful.
An overnight BLM camp with view of Comb Ridge!
What did we find in Butler Wash?
Dinosaur tracks! Another preserved treasure.
Always worth a hike to see House on Fire in the morning.
What a home!
Site #4 at Hovenweep NM CG was available – one of our favorite spots.
Perfect day to contemplate the canyon and buildings at Hovenweep.
The attention to detail is fabulous.