Chiloé – Chile 6/16

We flew north, took a ferry, and drove new rental car to Dalcahue on the island of Chiloé – the second largest island in South America (after Tierra del Fuego, of course!)
Very excited to see a seal in the harbor…. and to actually get a photo.
Singing for our supper. We learned Dalcahue is quite a food destination.
Hauling the catch for our lunch.
Yum – A cazuela with fresh sopapilla. Also tried the papas relleno in this huge food mall market with multiple chefs. Difficult decision as there are a lot of choices.
A day trip to the Pacific west coast and the tropical vegetation of Parque Nacional de Chiloé.
These Arrayan Trees were very interesting.
The smooth bark the same color as my hair!
A mirador to the Pacific Ocean. Apparently you can hear stories being told in the wind. Maybe Alexander von Humboldt talking about the current.
A river flows in front to the beach area but you can walk for over 10 miles on the sand. Parque Nacional de Chiloé
The cliffs start heading south and the coast reminded us of Oregon. Parque Nacional de Chiloé
Nearby we hiked to Meulle de las Almas. An art installation of a dock to nowhere with a white boat that sails to infinity and beyond. To contemplate the meaning of life…or just get a photo.
Further north is the Monumento Natural Islotes de Puñihuil. A dock on wheels: What a unique method of loading the passengers!
We gave it a try to go on this tour of the sea to see…
Penguins!!! South American Magellanic penguins
Fun to watch. There are also Humboldt Penguins here but we relied on our guide to know the difference. If the penguins leave, they will paint a chin stripe on the gulls…ha ha ha.
The navigator has once again taken us on a fun exploration.
Home at Casa Pasqual in Dalcahue, we enjoy Carménère Chilean wine with our view of the harbor. The owners, our hosts, of the house were so friendly and helpful – really caring about us having a good visit. They moved here to this peaceful location from Santiago, during the pandemic for a better quality of life for their family.
A beautiful morning view with coffee and a wood stove taking the chill off. A special part of the world is Dalcahue on Isla Chiloé.

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