Puerto Natales – Chile 4/16

Road to Rio Verde: Beautiful day to take the back roads of Patagonia!
Puerto Natales on Seno Última Esperanza (Last Hope Sound)  with Torres del Paine National Park in the distance towards the North.
Black swans on the Seno Última Esperanza – This a Sound not a Fjord and turns out they are geologically different not just south of the equator.
The flamingos are enjoying this calm day!
This is our Cabana Arte Brisas which we are finding very comfortable.
Our view of the neighbors! From Cabana Arte Brisas.
And a few resident Queltehue – Vanellus chilensis were fun to watch and listen to.
Overlooking the Sena from Cuevo de Milodon.
A giant sloth among other artifacts was found at the Cuevo de Milodon, This is the largest cave and we also hiked to two other caves in the park.
And were able to enjoy a picnic lunch on such a nice day! Cuevo de Milodon.

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