Torres Del Paine National Park – Chile 5/16

WOW! Impressive: Lago Pohoe in Torres del Paine National Park
We hiked a mile up to get fabulous views and enjoy a leisurely lunch. No condors…
…but saw this interesting falcon; a crested Caracara (Caracara plancus).
The reflections were magnificent at this unnamed pond further east!
Lago Azul…enjoyed a fresh brewed cup of coffee here with this view of the Torres.
Zoom detail of the Torres del Paine. The oldest rock is on top as magma has pushed it up.
Gorgeous. Zoom detail of the glacier on top the Paine Grande, at the end of summer.
The waterfall on the Paine River was wonderful to experience with the early morning light.
The twisty roads in the park are well maintained gravel. We are ready to explore!
It was not as crowded as we expected–we enjoyed chatting with fellow travelers from around the world. Notice the Salto Grande waterfall on the left…
…Yesterday we hiked there and it was a tad bit windier.
We followed the channel to the lake Nordenskjold and the clouds played peek-a-boo on the mountain peaks.
We are prepared for 4 seasons in one day but it stays dry!
The wind is in the “safe to hike” zone of less than 50kmh. Ranger told us the trail was closed yesterday–because of high winds–so we are feeling very lucky to be here today.
The sun is teasing us but it is still pleasant enough to enjoy a picnic lunch with this view, at Mirador Cuernos.
We were thrilled to explore Torres del Paine NP on 2 different days as each was special.

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