Punta Arenas – Chile 2/16

Direct 10 hour flight from North America to South America : Dallas to Santiago. A tad easier than sailing for months or years!
The southern most town on the American mainland: Punta Arenas a great destination.
The Mirador De La Cruz overlooking the town and the straits. Great place to view across to Tierra del Fuego.
We drove to the End of the World and saw this monument to the British Hydrographical Expedition 1826-30
We stopped for coffee and cookies. We watched dolphins play in the water!!!
We also saw these caiquen, or “goose of magellan”. This particular species is a bit endangered.
Route 9 ends at Punta Arbol. We hike the shore even further south.
Gorgeous day! Wow!
Farro San Isidro  is the farthest south lighthouse on mainland America.  Latitude 53° 47′ 7″ South.
Maybe this is the Punta Arbol… Definitely my new screen saver!

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