Valencia – City of Arts and Science II

Another day trip to Valencia just for the Calatrava architecture and to explore the city of the arts. Pictures from our visit in 2020.
Museu de les Ciences was first as we waited for the weather to warm a bit from the chilly January day.
Loved the architectural model with the reflection of the window in the glass pond.
Out of this world! Birth of Stars in the Rosette Nebula.
In the music section Henry is the Maestro.
Severo Ochoa was one of 3 Nobel Prize winners for Spain.
This is an exhibit showing Severo Ochoa explaining his theories of DNA.
There is a beautiful glass sculpture depicting our DNA. There is also a really good exhibit explaining each of our chromosomes and their characteristics.
Let’s have a chat and a brew with my Neanderthal Ancestors – probably have some of their DNA.
Ruta 99 is a fun play on Route 66. These are picturesque small towns in the Provence of Valencia with populations of 99 or less.
The next building over is the Agora – as we remember that is Greek for the meeting place.
Inside the Agora is a fun futuristic place to hang out. And sometimes you can see a concert or movie.
Typical of Calatrava’s buildings, there are moving parts of the Agora that can open to let in more or less light.

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