Teruel and Surroundings, Spain

The Roman Aqueduct of Peña Cortada near Cheiva. This is an engineering achievement being 28 KM in length over rugged terrain.
We found the Hanging Bridges of Chulilla over the river Turia. These were originally built as shortcuts by workers building a dam upstream but is now a very scenic hike.
This gives a new meaning to your daily commute!
Our balcony is the lower on left overlooking this lovely Fuente Toran park in Teruel.
We walked across this pedestrian bridge with great views of the valley to explore Old Town.
There was an amazing modernist style Grand Staircase to a park in the valley.
A lovely building in San Juan Square of Teruel.
One of the Mudijar towers of Teruel  – this on the Cathedral.
A gorgeous modernist building on the Torino Square. Notice the very small bull on top of the fountain column. The famous Toro of Teruel.
The nearby village of Albarracin was worth a visit.
Albarracin’s buildings are made of a local pink stone which makes it unique.
We walked to the castle on the hill for a great view.
You can see the walls protecting the city of Albarracin.
Nearby is a hike in the Pinares de Rodeno with this view of the landscape.
There are alcoves with Levantine Petroglyphs like this horse, estimated to be 7,000 years old. Wonderful they are preserved for us to enjoy.
Embassament de Arenos – this is a reservoir we enjoyed on our route back to the Mediterranean coast.

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