Central Valencia, Spain

Valencia Cathedral – 13th century – has a wonderful facade.
There were Traditional Dancers with castonettes in the adjacent plaza. There was also a parade as well as a marathon race that caused us some detours to get to the parking garage.
The Palace of the Marquis of Dos Aguas that houses the Ceramic Museum is also a treat to see. The alabaster carvings on either side of the entry signify the 2 rivers that meet here in Valencia.
The history of ceramics and this large gazebo with a rotating globe.
We wandered over to the Plaza de Toro and the Estacion del Norte: Train Station.
Now there is some ceramic work to celebrate! The room on the right is completely finished in tile.
We enjoyed the central Plaza Ayuntamiento after walking around.
We headed underground in the Archeology Museum.
This was an amazingly intricate Roman vase found on the site.
This is a crossroads with Via Augustus where Valencia was born in 138 BC.
There was a mural at the end of the Via Augustus to help visualize what it would look like it 138 BC.
The thermal baths are under a ground level with a reflecting pond above that gives a really nice lighting affect.
You can see the fish scale tile floor and all the places you could sit and soak. Sounds like a good idea!

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