Azahar Coast – Serra d’Irta

Lovely beach near apartment on a sunset stroll.
Day hike along rocky shore further North on a wave crashing sort of day.
We wondered if this is new cave was made by January’s storm Gloria.
At the North end of the Natural Park is Torre Badum and cliffs!.
Way in the distance is Alcossebre – this tower signaled to Torre Ebri many years ago. (We hiked there earlier this month)
Like 12.6 kilometers away to be more precise!
View in the other direction of the wonderful cliffs and Peniscola.
Peniscola – remember we stormed those gates earlier this month to see Papa Luna. Just ask El Cid. Link to our first blog posting.
Benicarlo Museum was showcasing these mock-ups for Fallas Festival starting next week.
Oh Baby – You are looking good!
The museum gave us a guided tour of these nearby Iberico Ruins El Puig de la Nau (pronounced more or less like: L Push Day La Now) Puig is a small hill.
A Really large town site from the 7th-4th Century BC. A massive Greek wine cup and a pottery making area as well as weaving area were discovered here.
Back to modern life and our last Wine O’Clock at Sea Experience.
We will remember all the beautiful sunrises at this peaceful Alcossebre location on Costa Azahar.

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