L’Escala Spain

We followed the Via Augusta North (now a modern highway!) to start our second month in Spain. This is a Roman Aqueduct near Tarragona.
Another beautiful apartment balcony over the Mediterranean! Homeaway rental – Passieg Maritim
With this panoramic view of the harbor of L’Escala.
Wendy and Stan, friends we met here 13 years ago! We had a champagne lunch at their home. Wonderful to reconnect with them!
We had Wendy and Stan over for an incredible full moon rise with tapas dinner in the living room. Tortilla, ham croquettas, cheese & crackers and Tempranillo wine!
We remembered being here over Christmas celebrations in 2006/07 and seeing the band perform in this square. Somehow they have been turned into bronze…
The Pyrenees look gorgeous with that white cap of snow!
L’Escala is a fishing village – anchovies are their specialty. It has around 10,000 population but grows to 50,000 during the summer holiday season – a lot of beauty here to appreciate.
The Barcelona Summer Olympic sailing competition was held here in 1992.
The torch for 1992 Olympics came ashore the same place the Greeks established Empuries, just North of L’Escala proper.
We had explored these Greek and Roman ruins in 2007 but unfortunately we did not get to explore this time.
The Bay of Roses (Roman Rhodes) where the first Greek and first Roman port in Iberia was established.
Heading to the South of L’Escala the coast becomes more cliff like and rocky.
The water is so incredibly clear. Stunningly beautiful. This area is also know for its scuba diving.
The Torre de Montgo was a 3-mile walk from the apartment. It has been beautifully restored.
The view from the tower is spectacular. An excellent hike through the Natural Park! Finished in time to meet up with our friends for Menu del Dia! Mmmm good and we have an appetite!

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