Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse – Utah

We were lucky to be  close to the path of the annual eclipse 2023. After a night at Goosenecks State Park, we found a great dispersed site near Swinging Bridge in a section of Bears Ears National Monument.
A couple of our friends joined us to hike some of our favorite spots.
Part of a series of towers that could signal to Chaco Canyon.
The Wolfman Petroglyph Panel is site to behold. Wow! Bears Ears NM
Back at our camp, we have moved the van to give us some shade.
We are ready for the eclipse to begin on this beautiful clear morning.
Using our special glasses we got this photo as the moon is starting to eclipse the sun.
We were not quite expecting the noticeable drop in temperature as the sun was covered.
The Ring of Fire! Awesome! We were excited to capture this photo with our camera!  We also experienced this annual eclipse in Canyonlands in 2012.
We continued our adventure the next day at Hovenweep NM as most had cleared out so we snagged our favorite site #4 as well as the adjacent one.
Fun to be amongst these  structures from the past and contemplate the culture that built them. Hovenweep NM
What are the odds of seeing people you know from Denver on the trail? Many Coloradoans in Utah for the eclipse!
The Sleeping Ute at sunset from our campsite. We are ready for an awesome night of stargazing at Hovenweep NM. Our pics from last fall

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