Oslo – Norway 26/26

We are finishing our trip with 4 nights in Oslo without the car. The Opera House lit up at night shows off it’s structure.
We are staying in an apartment in one of the new BarCode buildings. The city commissioned 12 architects to design 12 buildings that are all thin with space between so together resemble a barcode. A vibrant area with courtyards, balconies, restaurants, retail, offices, and apartments.
From the nearby Munch Museum we got this view of the Opera House in the late afternoon. We enjoyed the wood cut exhibit of Edvard Munch’s and seeing  that version of “The Scream”. We saw the famous oil version at the National Museum.
It is very tactile to walk the roof of the Opera House! A fun experience. We did not kayak to it but enjoyed all the harbor activity.
Please Wait For The Saunamaster….a title we never knew existed. Such great weather: people are using the sauna and then swimming in the fjord to cool off.
From the castle on the hill you can see the entire harbor which we will explore. Watch out for the gulls! They are opportunists looking for your tasty treats.
We stormed the gates of the Akershus Fortress, nicely protecting the harbor for many centuries.
The great hall inside has a gorgeous ceiling and stained glass.
This is designed by Emanual Vigeland who also did the stained glass in the cathedral. We saw a contemporary exhibit of a white unicorn in a blue room that seemed to be a play off of this classic piece.
We walked to Astrup Fearnley Modern Art Museum, designed by Renzo Piano in 2012.
I had never seen braided trees before! Interesting live sculpture.
We took the ferry to Bygdoy, a peninsula across the harbor.
To visit the Fram Ship Museum and also saw Roald Amundsen’s Gjoa, in which he used to complete the 1st transect of the Northwest Passage .
Next we went to the Maritime Museum and saw a Viking Ship from the Gokstad discovery built around AD-890. This is possibly the one being recreated in Sandefjord as it was found near there.
Bygdoy was a perfect Lunch Spot!  What a great warm sunny dry day to enjoy Oslo Fjord.
Near the Royal Palace we were excited to see Norway’s King and Queen – in a 1960’s Lincoln Continental. King Harald V, who has reigned since 17 January 1991 with Queen Sonja – and Crown Prince Haakon was in a car in front of them.
A lovely day to enjoy the Vigeland Sculpture Park. The quantity of the sculptures adds to the quality of the bronze and marble. As well as the entertaining real people watching.
Gustav Vigeland not only was the artist but also designed the park as well. Additionally he designed the Nobel Peace Prize medal.
He studied in Paris and was influenced by Rodin. His knowledge of anatomy and the interest in all ages of human body is extraordinary.
The nearby Vigeland Museum has the plaster works and studies done to create the bronze and marble sculptures.
Really fun to experience both.
Love the details.
The sun has sets on our time in Norway as we enjoy the harbor lights. A great trip!

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