Utah: Exploring

Mid October we headed west to enjoy the fall weather.
The visitor center at Mesa Verde NP was a good break.
Who are those aliens at Valley of the Gods? Enjoying our camp at sunset.
Our zoomed in view of Monument Valley in AZ.
We hiked the West lime Creek drainage area from camp Valley of the Gods.
Henry the Navigator triangulating where we are!
Drive through Valley of the Gods – such interesting formations.
We left the Travato and got out for a walk.
Such a clear day as the Moon set.
Goosenecks State Park – WOW!
And this was our campsite on the rim. Also there was a night star party!
How many Mile 0 have we traveled to?
Hillside towards Mexican Hat with a zoom lens showing erosion – interesting patterns.
Sand Island petroglyphs – always interesting.
Sand Island Petroglyphs  – the figures look playful.
An overnight BLM camp with view of Comb Ridge!
What did we find in Butler Wash?
Dinosaur tracks! Another preserved treasure.
Always worth a hike to see House on Fire in the morning.
What a home!
Site #4 at Hovenweep NM CG was available – one of our favorite spots. Our pics from Oct 2020.
Perfect day to contemplate the canyon and buildings at Hovenweep.
The attention to detail is fabulous.

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