Ostfold – East Oslo Fjord – Norway 25/26

After a ferry crossing of the Fjord, we spent a couple nights near Moss, which is only an hour or so south of Oslo but a world away.
Fredrikstad is a wonderfully preserved medieval town. It is protected by sea and by a moat – luckily the draw bridge is down!
There are several gates to the old town of Fredrikstad
We enjoyed coffee and pastries while wandering the old town. This sign reminded us of Pipo’s love of traveling!
We followed the Oldtidsveien, Highway of the Ancients. Pre Roman Iron Age Circles of standing stones.
Nine concentric circles – quite an achievement to contemplate how these were put in place.  There are burial mounds near by and these were perhaps part of the ritual.
There are many petroglyph sites also on the Oldtidsveien. Ships of the Sun: the legend is  believed to be the twin warriors helping their sister the Sun, move her around the world through the darkness and through the day.
This rock has 22 amazing carved ships. It is thought that the sea would have been closer to this panel, and that sunset could have been seen from here as a ritual to honor the sun, so that it will return. Or perhaps it is about ….

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