Aurlandsfjellet “Snow Road” – Norway 20/26

Happy Autumn Equinox! A kaleidoscope of changing colors invites us to explore.
Our first stop on the Aurlandsfjellet Snow Road is a waterfall which is being guarded by this sheep: Baaa baaa ra!
A powerful amount of water makes this an enjoyable wander.
Wow. The overlook called Vedahaugane is spectacular today.
Coming out of the “Bear’s Den” art exhibit, looking for a meal. Vedahaugane
Looking the other direction it is blanketed with red on the Aurlandsfjellet Snow Road
No snow today!
Several nice lakes as the clouds move in.
Is that a canyon? Or is there a fjord ahead?
The fjord view point Stegastein. What a fun way to end our travel across the Snow Road.
The view of the fjord and Aurland. Flam is around the bend where we enjoyed a picnic lunch.

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