Gaularfjellet Scenic Route – Norway 19/26

Sunshine! This Kvinnafossen waterfall was a delight on our way to the ferry.
We got the Sogneflorden Ferry from Hella to Balestrand.
Still some low clouds over the Gaularfjellet Scenic Route…
Interesting to watch them but we hope the views we are coming to see are not in the clouds.
Waiting for the sun to break through, we strolled along the fjord in Balestrand to the Viking Burial Mounds and found them guarded by this statue of King Bele.
Ooohhh Wow! Did you see that reflection? Stop the car!
Or how about this one? Surreal.
The highway engineer that designed this road in the 1930’s said that a good road is 10x better than a bad road, and a bad road is 100x better than no road!
We took these hairpin turns to climb up the valley on the Gaularfjellet Scenic Route.  We have a view!!!
The clouds are still playing around at the Utsikten Viewing Platform…. But that makes it a bit more mysterious.
Isn’t this spectacular! The Gaularfjellet Scenic Route basically follows the Gaula River – this looks like an oil painting.
The Likholefossen has this very cool pedestrian bridge so you can be right over the waterfall.
Like this. The sound is deafening – it is a bit of sensory overload with the sun and fall colors. Soooo much water!
And on the other side is a picture perfect wetlands. Really it looks like this – can you believe it?  We feel so lucky for a pleasant sunny day.
As we ferried back across the Sogneflorden we wondered: Is that the Loch Ness Monster in the water?

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