Vøringsfossen – Norway 21/26

We have no idea what to expect as we head out to visit the Vøringsfossen waterfall along Norwegian Scenic Route Hardangervidda – a few miles from our Saebo cabin.
This is the Vøringsfossen!
This puts it in perspective to the huge size. And see the bridge over my shoulder?
That bridge  is this magnificent pedestrian crossing!
We are pretty much speechless to see such an engineering feat.
Imagine building this. Imagine designing this. A 47 meter span equals 154 feet, which is like a 14 story tall building – and is equally that tall of a waterfall into the canyon below.
The underside is equally interesting.
2 stairways on each side lead to a center portion.
A dizzingly viewpoint.
Getting up close to the spray from the upper part of the Vøringsfossen.
The Pretzel Tunnel, that the car climbed between the falls and eidfjord, replaced the old switchback road. Why not?

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