Lovatnet Lake – Norway 15/26

We took our coffee from our cabin at Mindresunde Camping to the shore of Lake Strynevatnet as the morning was so calm,
This is the farm across from our cabin reflected on Lake Strynevatnet.
We drove through Loen and loved the valley clouds over the Innvik Fjord.
Possibly the same cloud has now settled over Lovatnet Lake. Amazing color of the glacier melt water as it reflects the sky on this crisp September morning. We are repeating our route from yesterday as the forecast is to be sunny today.
However, there is a low cloud at the end of the road near Kjenndalsbreen Glacier. These waterfalls seem to fall right from the cloud.
The sun might break through so we can see the Kjenndalsbreen Glacier.
The Kjenndalsbreen Glacier is a branch of the Jostedalsbreen glacier, the largest glacier on the European mainland.
Ice and water and rocks: Carving the land with their power.
The sun finally illuminates the Kjenndalsbreen Glacier. The ice looks so blue because it absorbs more red and yellow light and allows more blue light to pass through. This is more noticeable on large blocks of ice like a glacier.
The lush green landscape on our hike at the base of the Glacier.
The green is so green. The color of the moss is so vivid. Quite a feast for the eyes!
We enjoyed the sunny day with a picnic along Lovatnet Lake looking back at Kjenndalsbreen Glacier.
And back at “our” Lake Strynevatnet we soaked up some rays, appreciated the clear skies and the wonderful reflections.

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