Reflections and a Viking Ship – Norway 14/26

Wonderful morning reflections from Mindresunde Cabin on Lake Strynevatnet.
Our first view of Lovatnet Lake and it’s peaceful valley on this calm morning.
The Kjenndalsbreen Glacier and the valley it has carved into Lovatnet Lake. This is a branch of the Jostedalsbreen – the largest glacier in mainland Europe.
Lovatnet Lake had a couple major landslides and subsequent tsunamis that filled in this part of the lake.
Our return trip down the valley has a bit more sun highlighting the Kjenndalsbreen Glacier above Lovatnet Lake. We pulled into a drive to allow traffic to pass and the owner pulled in behind us. We were invited to visit and learned from Mr. Horgrenning the story of his farm, the family that emmigrated, his trip in 2001 to USA. I found this interesting story about the farm online
That is worth a close up shot!
About an hour away in Nordfjordeid, we went to the Stagastad Viking Museum.
The lovingly recreated 30-meter long Myklebust ship really allows us to experience the craftsmanship and quality of construction as well as the shear size of this Viking Ship.
Stagastad Viking Museum is also a great building right next to a community park on the fjord. There is an excellent movie on their website.
King of the Fjord!
Nordfjord and our final reflections of the day.

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