Tundra Above Geiranger Fjord – Norway 13/26

A pleasant morning as we headed south on Geirangervegen.
We walked around the tundra area with the lush green mosses  and interesting rocks.
We are at around 1,000 meters (that is 3,280 feet above the fjord).
We are in the mountains now!
We thought this area was picturesque.
We took the toll road up to the Dalsnibba Sky Walk at 4,920 feet.
Very dramatic to look out across to the glaciers…
…and to look back at Geiranger Fjord. I feel like an eagle.
The Heillstuguvatnet Lake on the Gamle Strynefjellsvegen – another scenic national tourist route!
The sun played peek a boo – it seemed to be snowing on the mountains! We enjoyed the fall colors and managed to hit pretty much every pot hole on the gravel road – ha!
A rapid on the way to Hjelledalen Falls shows the glacial color of the water.
Our cabin for the next few nights is this one on Lake Strynevatnet at Mindresunde Camping – our base to explore some glaciers in Jostedalsbreen National Park.

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