Sea to Mountains to Fjords – Norway 8/26

Our first ferry crossings are west of Molde to explore the islands – the Dryna Ferry.
And we crossed some more beautiful bridges like this Skjeltene Bridge.
More marshmallow farms on an inland lake on our drive south to Sjøholt.
And our first glimpses of the majestic fjords: the Storfjorden.
Our apartment for the next 5 nights is the top floor with a beautiful deck that has a view of the fjord and our own gazebo. Sjøholt Camping
The beach area is a short walk away to enjoy the fjord.
We climbed up the rock and were surprised to find a diving board. Summer fun! That is Sjøholt village across the fjord.
Sunset on the Storfjorden from Sjøholt.
Nearby Romsdalsfjorden is just as green and lush.
We had a gorgeous day to explore Andalsnes on the Romsdalsfjorden.
There is even a happy and proud Norwegian troll in Andalsnes.
Luckily we are not driving this single person EV! But would be better than an electric bike in the winter!
Maybe you could charge it here!
We recharged ourselves with ice cream in a waffle cone on the public square with others enjoying the summer sunshine and warm temps.
And sunbathed along the Romsdalsfjorden before heading back to our own fjord.

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