Scenic Trollstigen Route – Norway 9/26

As Norse legend tells it, the first rays of sunlight can turn the mythical trolls into stone (if they don’t hide in time!) so we will explore where trolls have been in the mountains.
Our first stop was at the Gudbrandsjuvet Gorge.
The Valldøla River has cut large potholes and intricate formations into the rock.
Another interesting viewing area with fun art/architecture to experience the  Gudbrandsjuvet Gorge.
Sign outside the Gudbrandsjuvet: the cinnamon buns were awesome! Still warm from the oven they fortified us for the troll search.
From the Trollstigen plateau, rising above the Isterdalen Valley are the three peaks: Bishop, King, Queen (Bispen, Kongen, Dronninga). which led us to debate if the bishop or queen had the most power…
We passed over the glacial moraines with some snow still left in the upper valleys (where the trolls live?). We arrived at the Trollstigen Visitor Center.
The Trollstigen cafe is undergoing repairs from an avalanche this winter but we could still appreciate the design and the location.
We followed the water cascading to the first Viewpoint.
We detoured from the paved path to follow these Sherpa stairs 1km for a private view point.
What a stairmaster!
Great view of the valley!
And we were able to see the next cantilevered Trollstigen Viewpoint.
And a take my picture balcony with The Bishop and The Queen.
The Trolls Ladder (mostly one-lane) was completed in 1936 after 8 years – an engineering marvel. Imagine working in this valley carved out by the glacier, roaring rivers and multiple waterfalls!
A better view of the waterfall through the vertigo inducing glass railing.
An offer to take our picture resulted in this fun shot pointing to the future!
Our GPS pretty much shows the same curves we have just photographed on this one-lane road. We are here in the morning so have missed dodging the tour buses.
Ready or Not. We will probably regenerate many kilometers on the battery of our EV.
At the end of the valley is another Troll spot: Trollveggen Visitor Center. We recharged the car while we ate a picnic lunch in this beautiful setting (cafe closed for the season).
Europe’s highest vertical mountain wall has several climbing routes.
We could browse for a book in this converted telephone booth lending library.
Ramsdalen Valley: the route following the River Rauma has been named Europe’s most beautiful railway line. Filmed around here is the latest Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part One

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