Coastal Sightings – Norway 7/26

What is this? A robot Mowing the lawn? No noise! No sweat – lawn is mowed while you do something else – like prep the BBQ.
This Robot Mower is making such perfect straight lines up the hill.
This Robot Mower has his own garage… Very sporty looking!
Captcha: I am not a Robot
Fish Farm in the fjord around Avory Island- this a permanent operation.
Another Fish Farm in this beautiful fjord.
This ship appears to be stocking fish going down that slide in the center into an enclosed circle.
An interesting flower or jelly fish in the kelp beds along the Atlantic Ocean Road.
The deer we have seen seem smaller.
Kvernes Stave Church, circa 1633, is the only one in Norway built after the Middle Ages and Reformation – the nave end is built in stave technique.
This says the supporting posts are called staves and are in each corner. Larger churches also have supporting posts in the wall line as shown by the circles in the plan.
The shutters to protect the windows from the sea slide up and down with a chain.
The thick wood boards on the siding are overlapped.
Simple cottage on the coast.

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