Bud and the Atlantic Road (Atlanterhavsvegen) – Norway 6/26

The tranquil fishing village of Bud is on the North Atlantic Sea – specifically on the notoriously dangerous Hystadvida unprotected section of the coast – but not today.
We are enjoying 4 nights in this wonderful house on a harbor.
From the hill above the house you can get a sense of it’s location – the main living space is on the middle floor – lowest level has a dining table to seat 10 and opens on to a deck.
Waiting on a chair carved into the stump – what a view!
There is a coastal museum on top of the hill with local history and great views! if you want to view the coast of Bud, they have a live Camera on their webpage.
About 1.5 km north of Bud, Kjeksa is the first rest stop on the Atlantic Ocean Road, one of Norway’s tourist routes.
Askevågen is another stop to enjoy the views and see some wave action on the Atlantic Ocean Road.
We did not know they farmed Marshmallows!
The Farstadsanden Beach has a nature hike to the lighthouse – beautiful day and the tide is just coming in.
The cantilevered Storseisundet Bridge defies gravity. Graceful and feels like you are driving into the sky as you go up.
Several viewpoints to enjoy the Storseisundet Bridge.
And even an elevated hiking path around Eldhusøya island to appreciate nature as well as the Storseisundet Bridge.
We stopped at the Geitøya area for a picnic lunch.
It smells good and looks good at the Geitøya rest area on the Atlantic ocean Road. (purple heather and European mountain ash with red berry clusters against moss and sedums)
We are seeing a lot of these and wondering what they are….
Lots of picturesque spots in Bud! And MIX restaurant has good fish and chips – even tho the Norwegians go for the hamburgers!

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