The Driva Valley – Central Norway 5/26

We leave the troll of Dombas for a rambling drive to our next rental.
Our first stop is Vang Burial Ground near Oppdal – the largest Iron Age burial site in Norway with more than 900 mounds – most from the Viking Age, from year 750.  It is a pleasant wooded loop next to a babbling stream. Link for more viking Info.
This interpretive sign was interesting – we had forgot about King Bluetooth of Denmark – imagine paying your taxes in falcons, or walrus tusks.
The Amotan Gorge is unique as 6 rivers meet in this one part of the national park. Svøufallet, 1027 feet tall, is impressive!
We hiked around Amotan  and crossed one of the rapids on this bridge.
At the top of Amotan area we enjoyed our lunch at this picnic table with a view of the valley.
Vinnufossen, the 6th Tallest Waterfall in the World. 2,838 feet – wow. Hard to capture the majestic beautify.
Nordmorsvegan Bridge with the rain obscuring our views as we are head to the end of the peninsula and the fishing village of Bud.

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