National Parks near Dombas – Norway 4/26

Our first stop heading northeast from Dombas is this interesting architectural – overlook of the Fokstumyra Nature Preserve.
A beautiful morning looking over Fokstumyra Nature Preserve towards the northwest.
Next stop was the Wild Reindeer Preserve Visitor Center, or Besokssenter villrein in Hjerkinn.
Nearby is where you start the hike to look for wild musk ox in Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella NP.
A wide mile long uphill trail with historical timeline winds through alpine tundra in Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella NP.
This is the Snohetta Viewpoint!
Inside Snohetta Viewpoint we could appreciate this destination. A ranger had a zoom scope hooked to a monitor screen and showed us the dots on the landscape that were musk ox far across the valley.
Wow – what a view to enjoy!  Snohetta was once considered the tallest peak and is pretty impressive even with the clouds at the summit. There was also some pelts, antlers, and other information inside the Snohetta Viewpoint.
A bit further south we drove to Sohlbergplassen Viewpoint on the eastern tourist route along Rondane NP.
This was designed to go around all the trees which also made it much more interesting. Sohlbergplassen Viewpoint
And what a view of Mt Rondvassbu across Lake Atnsjoen to Rondane NP.
We walked across the river feeding the lake at Strombu Viewpoint
and we fed ourselves at these fun curved concrete picnic tables.
We turned around at Atnbrua Historic Waterworks at the south end of the lake.
Natural waterfalls that powered Atnbrua Historic Waterworks – still a good source of electricity.
Our home for 3 nights right on the ski slope is the upper cabin at Hytter Dombas.
The view from our porch looking northwest up the valley.

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