Lom and into Jotunheimen National Park-Norway 3/26

We drove north and then west into Jotunheimen NP to the Vegaskjelet Viewpoint. This is Galdhopggen, the highest peak in northern Europe at 2469 meters (8,100 feet).
We enjoyed views up and down the Boverdalen valley and made a stop at the Eleveseter Hotel.
Fun historic architecture (and interior finishings) with slate roofs at the Eleveseter Hotel.
Inside the octagonal building is a dining room with a painted ceiling at Eleveseter Hotel
Of course we are in Troll country!
There is also the Sagasoyla Column with the history of Norway carved in layers which is here because Åmund Elvesæter campaigned to have it finished.


We followed the river to Lom Bakery for some fresh baked goodies and a loaf of bread to go. The National Park visitor center is here as well as the stave church.
Impressive Stave Church in Lom was worth a wander. “Stave” means vertical planks of wood in case you were wondering as we were.
Detail shot of building techniques from 1158 when this Stave Church was constructed.

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