Alcossebre, Spain

Take my breath away! Roof Top Pool Sunset at Alcossebre Sea Experience.
Full Moon rising over the Mediterranean reflected in the roof top pool.
Hot Chocolate and Churros is a really good way to start the day!
We are ready to explore the coast along the Natural Park Sierra d’Irta.
The Alcossebre Lighthouse was designed in 1990 by architect Rita Lorite Becarra. Here is an interesting link to Spains’ lighthouses.
Great waves make some nice pockets of sandy beaches.
We continued to enjoy the sun and sea with lunch on the coast.
And what a meal. Everything comes with French Fries even the Grilled Salmon.
We learned about pressing olives in Cervera at the Moli de l’Oli. These 4 massive wood beams are from 1600, as is the building. Men operated this corkscrew which lowered the beams like a teeter totter.
At the other end of the beams, ripe olives go into these baskets, stacked, and the beams crush the olives releasing the olive oil. This technique was developed by the Romans.
Then the olive oil is scooped out, left a specific time to settle, before it is hand scooped out again to leave the sediments behind.
We are not yet tired of sunrises from our balcony!
We returned to Tirig  and the Valltorta Museum to refresh our memory on the levantine cave paintings.
A few miles north, we returned to Peniscola as a pleasant day trip.
Wherever there is a Castle, there is a Dragon!
The walls and area around the Castle have a great view!
All the resorts line the long beach of Peniscola behind this barbarian invader.
Walking the maze of streets in the old town with the hanging balconies.
A friendly gull kept us company on our walk.
Enjoying Alcossebre Sea Experience’s roof top pool for another sunset!

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