Norway! Lillehammer! 1/26

We are in Norway!
About an hour and a half north of Oslo we have this remote cabin for 4 nights.
We are in Norway!
Very cozy, quiet, and picturesque. After 18 hours of air travel it is perfect place to sleep and acclimate to the new time zone. Festly on Naera Lake thru
Sunsets are late and lingering. Full moon rise was amazing – glad we could enjoy both from this cabin.
1994 Olympic Park in Lillehammer is less than half an hour north of the cabin. We watched practice runs of the famous ski jump. And took a tourist survey.
Lighting the torch at 1994 Olympic Park, Lillehammer
Back to the cabin for some porch time and another impressive sunset.
The cabin is surrounded by farms with sheep, cows, horses and crops. This is an open Air Museum in Elverum, where we went to visit the National Forestry Museum.
Detail of the birch bark on the roof holding the moss, grasses, wildflowers and even trees in Elverum. There are lots of buildings with sod roofs all around.
Blue Jean Baby! On our walk up the road from the cabin, the near by farm had this planter.
Leaving Lillehammer we have a crystal clear day on our drive north to Dombas.

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