Kentucky: The Gap to The Caves

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park KY, TN, VA the first great gateway to the west!
Three states come together at this point – just 2 here on the trail but close enough.
Kentucky is the land of Lincoln – his grandparents came through the Cumberland Gap to settle the west.
Abe as a babe with his parents.
Teaching the young about the Civil War at Mills Springs.
One looks out of uniform!
A great museum at Mills Springs Battlefield National Monument.
We also visited nearby Camp Nelson National Monument which was supply depot during the Civil War and a large training center for African American soldiers.
The first Memorial at Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park. The 56 steps represent his living years.
Our 16th president was born in this area near Hodgenville, Kentucky.
The monument protects this log cabin as a representation of the cabin he was born in.
Mammoth Cave National Park was a good place to camp and have an early morning walk to appreciate this UNESCO World Heritage Site and International Biosphere Reserve.
Lots of water dripping down over the entry to the cave.
This spring comes out of the cave system. Protecting the water quality in this area protects the cave environment as well.

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