Blue Ridge Parkway

Very aptly named. Our Blue Ridge Parkway (469 miles) experience this visit was between miles 380 and 410 around Ashville, NC.
Two nights in the Pisgah National Forest at Lake Powhatan in the Appalachian Mountains – a full day to explore.
Lots of nice overlooks to enjoy the view.
We hiked a couple miles in this area, seeing the foundation remains of where the Vanderbilt’s had their mountain retreat.
We went to the folk center and appreciated the intricacy of many of the crafts.
A colorful quilt that felt like spring was in the air.
We enjoyed a long visit at 17th PresidentAndrew JohnsonNational Historic Site on the other side of the mountains in Tennessee.  For us it tied together history of the civil War and the Reconstruction Era. Also 1867 was when Alaska was purchased from Russia by Secretary of State William Steward.

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