Fireplace / TV Cabinet Project

TV / ART Screen in dramatic Motion
Mid July we created an area for the Fireplace/TV.
We framed new wall for symmetry after centering TV.
This shelf is the top of exposed TV area.
Practicing our dry-walling skills.
Meanwhile in the garage we created this curved panel.
The curved panel position when the wall is completed.
This art panel we built to move up behind above feature and down to cover TV, powered by….
A Linear Actuator. Ours is an 8′ extended length with a 4′ retracted length and 4′ stroke length.
Wave tiles are made of recycled wood. We cut off edges for a continuous book-matched pattern.
The high gloss white paint that matches doors/trim created some light and shadows.
Cabinet for computer media streamer.
We splashed in some waves on the kitchen prep area too.
 Kashmire Cream Granite installed Dec 2 to match kitchen. Both by Tile&Art Durango
TV revealed with a photo of Colorful Colorado.
Turn up the jazz and pour the wine. Our custom frame around the artwork really added finishing touch.

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