1/5: San Lorenzo Canyon and Bosque del Apache

  Something different today. On the road heading south into New Mexico!
We pulled into BLM’s San Lorenzo Canyon (PDF), northwest of Socorro.
Very impressive heights – to think a Rio Grande tributary carved this canyon.
Unique rock formations made the slot canyons and hikes interesting.
Fun to contemplate the uplifts and other geological features.
An hour or so drive took us to Bosque del Apache for some birdwatching.
Reportedly 20,000 snow geese winter here. They are impressive.
You can not really quite image the noise as they are very vocal.
They are looking so calm here but there is a lot happening. So much fun to watch.
Sandhill cranes also overwinter here, numbering around 10,000.
They tend to hang around in smaller clusters and are quieter.
For a couple hours we enjoyed this view from our van with windows open.
They eventually flew away and we appreciated the entertainment.
As we headed out on the Camino Real. This is February 8th and warm. Nice!

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