Fall/Winter 2020

“Safer at Home and the Colorado Great Outdoors 2020”

3,300+ Road miles ridden this year! Awesome accomplishment.
2,323 road miles ridden from March 28 to December 9.
We kayaked April 1 to November 10 enjoying the changing three seasons.
The lake starts to freeze and the birds that migrate move south.
The winter storms start to move in giving some dramatic scenery.
The lake is warmer than the air and creates smoke on the water.
The Japanese garden with a light dusting of snow accentuates the features.
We found wonderful things to celebrate and made the most it! Hopeful.
Thankful for so very much. But still only virtual with family and friends.
Finished up a few projects in the house on these last warm days of the year.
Walked along the river downtown to celebrate Christmas.
Happy New Year 2021 with special lobster tail dinner and champagne.
We see our foxy neighbors regularly as we are on their winter route.
The first real snowfall required firing up the monster machine.
Snowshoe on the lake to enjoy the mountains and beautiful sunshine.
Cool ice crystals on the fox prints. We followed to their den.
Inauguration Day Celebration: Science over Fiction. Unity over Division.
Chef making lasagna from scratch for another special day.
Appreciating the wind patterns on the lake in the late afternoon light.

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