To Follow That Star: Penyagolsa

We enjoyed another sunrise from the balcony but didn’t linger too long this morning.
A lot of twisties to drive between here and that peak. That did not stop so many before us like those Knights Templar guys.
We had a 52-mile drive to the trailhead with a 5,000-foot elevation gain. Penyagolosa is highest peak in Castellon Province at 1813 meters.
We are ready to climb this mountain because it is here…No matter how hopeless. No matter how far.
We followed the signs in this Park Natural and the babbling brook that was along the trail.
Spring wildflowers. Many different bird songs were very melodious. Trees were full of buds. We saw some butterflies.
That is snow on the higher slopes as we scope out the route ahead.
Beautiful pine forests and rocky outcroppings.
Time for lunch and to enjoy the views! We can see Aragon Province as well.
The views from “the Roof of Valencia” were spectacular. Beyond all those hills and valleys is the Mediterranean sea – and our drive back!
The Roman Arch on the Via Augusta near Cabanes reminded us we were not in Colorado!

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