This is our Quest…

To Dream the Impossible Dream!
Museum of Ceramics in Onda – 200 years of tile has been collected and preserved. We especially enjoyed this display.
The architecture of the building was modern and very well designed. View to the Castle with 300 towers on the hill.
Time to Storm the Gates! Just ask El Cid…
Detail of a tower with the mountains of Parc Natural de la Sierra d’Espadán
Imagine a Moorish Garden like Alhambra here on the top floor of the castle! Then the Christians came but the church is now an excellent museum on the history.
After passing miles and miles of ceramic factories we stopped at this Mirador for a picnic lunch.
This was the view of the reservoir Sitjar and the factories of Ribesalbes.
Vilafames, one of the most Beautiful villages in Spain with, you guessed it, another castle on the hill.  We wandered the nicely preserved town up to this tower on the the top of the hill.
The Natural Park Cabanes – Torreblanca, just south of tour apartment, is dedicated wetlands with some hiking and biking trails.
Part of the route we hiked is along the coast of the Mediterranean. We saw lots of seagulls and cormorants in this section.
There are inland marshes and ponds with a variety of water fowl like coots and ducks, as well as these mergansers.
Back to our own Mirador balcony for a leisurely, very Spanish lunch of fresh bread, Iberian ham, wine and flan! Ready for our siesta!

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