Greetings from Summit County in Colorado

Taking a break from the Travato, we are staying at a condo with a pleasant view and all the amenities.
On the bike again! It is a 15-mile round trip ride to Lake Dillon Dam along the Snake River.
A fabulous destination to take a break and enjoy the view.
National Trail’s Day 2017 – we volunteered for the White River Forest Service along with about 50 others.
We were separated into teams and given a few safety tips.
Our team leader and our crew of 4 dug this trench to run water off the trail.
The trench is getting deep enough and we are creating a dam along the path to divert the water – we had to dig deeper for mineral soil, not organic top soil as that erodes too fast and turns to mud.
After the work, we met up with Friends of the Dillon Ranger District at the Tiki Bar on Lake Dillon.
To enjoy this fabulous lunch, thanks to Pug Ryans!

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