Lower Cataract Lake Trail, Eagles Nest Wilderness

Beautiful day for a hike in Eagles Nest Wilderness in the White River National Forest.
The water is very high this Spring – this is a beautiful little mountain lake we are going to walk around.
Flag Iris in bloom!
Taking a break in the shade!
I am not sure if this is a type of Mullen but it reminded me of a Yucca stalk in bloom.
Double checking our route and where we are going – or maybe where we have been!
Could you ask for a better day than this?!!!
Taking a picture of a Marmot sunning himself on the top of this boulder. Good eyes to spot that guy!
White blooms frame the lake from the far end.
That is the large Cataract Falls coming down from the snow covered peak. Unfortunately this trail does not go close to the falls or offer a better view. But you can hear it on much of the trail.

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